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Itz Klotsiki have started to explore the themes of 'Stay,' ‘Meet’ and 'Event,' form the brief from their proposal.

After visiting the site, Itz Klotsiki have begun to look at the idea of introducing circular platform throughout, upon which modular frame works will be able to expand and contract in relation to the user’s needs.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 09:53

Space Maker have started to explore the themes of 'Meet,' 'Make' and ‘Event,’ from the brief for their proposal.

After visiting the site, the Spaces Maker’s drew from the Slaughter Houses features and the objects scattered throughout the yard to drive their initial concept. They wish to use the shipping containers on the site to form a series of spaces placed in such a way to make a feature of the external wall of the Executive Villa, turning the graffiti into a motif.

They also wish to encourage the public to enter the site by introducing a garden running between the Cold Hall and Executive Villa, from the front entrance to the yard.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 09:52

MCO (Manchester Coburg Original) have started to explore the themes of 'See,' ‘Stay,’ and 'Meet,' from the brief for their proposal.

MCO are proposing to extend the workshop area of the Creopolis makers space by constructing an external element for wood working in the summer time.

They also intend to use recycled materials such as wooden pallets and waste products from the workshop to construct a ‘chill out zone.’ This area will be accessed via a garden planted in between the Cold House and Executive Villa.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 09:50

Abscond have started to explore the themes of 'Order,' ‘Meet,' and ‘See,’ from the brief for their proposal.

Abscond intend to increase footfall by introducing a wooden canopy creating a sheltered avenue between the Cold Hall and Executive Villa from the front entrance to the yard.

In the yard they have proposed an exterior workshop where handmade games equipment can be made for entertainment in their open-air cafe.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 09:49

Libelle have started to explore the themes of ‘Event,' ‘Play,’ and 'Order,' form the brief for their proposal.

Following the introduction from Dr Markus Neufeld (project director of Creopolis), Libelle have chosen to design a multifunctional open-air space that will house a wood workshop and exhibition space. They intend to make a retractable solar shading roof over the workshop which would be the main feature of this installation.

At the west bank of the River Itz, on the edge of the site, Libelle aim to create a social space made from modular curved benches that will encourage group discussion amongst large groups.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 09:49
OSA //

Office for Subversive Architecture is an international architecture collective of which Anja Ohliger and Karsten Huneck are active contributors. Huneck, founder of OSA describes it's intent as such: to push the boundaries of common practice in architecture and develop projects that sit between art and architecture.

The collective also acts as a research platform which feeds into KHBT’s work and vice versa.


The playful temporary structure was sat a top an existing industrial building in Liverpool serving as a beacon drawing people into the surrounding area throughout distinctive red double skin facade. The structure also offered amazing views to Liverpool city centre and the river Mersey.

It was built to house a series of talks and discussions looking at the relationship between art and architecture and was commissioned by Greenland Street in collaboration with Liverpool Culture Company's Cities.


In collaboration with the artist Christoph Rodatz, OSA created an architectural performance of light and sound as a part of the Urban Lights Festival in the Ruhr Area of Germany. The installation celebrated tower block in the centre of Bergkamen, which was seen by the locals as both a landmark and eyesore unoccupied for 15 years.

With plans to demolish the tower bloc in 2015 the installation was seen as a farewell to the building. It was painted black to signifying its ominous fate but also transforming it into a screen for the projection of an absorbing laser show that tracks the story of the building. At night the lasers highlighted the floor plates and layouts within, the lift shafts and stairways along with its brutal silhouette. Interviews with former inhabitants of the building were broadcast via a radio channel located at the top of the building allowing visitors to tune into the stories on their own devices while enjoying the light show.

Below is a link to OSA's website for more information on the innovative projects they have made:
Posted 12 Mar 2019 11:12

Through Alberts Connection we aim to develop key skills that will make you a more accomplished designer.

Collaboration is key when realising projects in the built environment. Working with other people gives you an opportunity to know your skill set, how to share it with your team and implement your teammates abilities to create more proficient designs.

Conceptual Design
We will assist you in giving your projects a strong historical, contextual and theoretical basis so that the final Design will be grounded in facts that you can communicate.

Competition Design
You will present your designs to a jury led by Karsten Huneck, Anja Ohliger and Mario Tvrtkovic who will decide on the wining team or teams. This will give you a chance to build on your presentation skills both verbal and no verbal communication (Sketches, scale drawings, physical Models, etc).

You will all assist in building the winning design or designs for the Coburg design festival and communicate the ideas behind them to festival attendees. This will give you a unique opportunity to experience building something one to one and allow you to add something you have constructed to your design portfolios.
Posted 29 Jan 2019 10:27