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'The Prince Albert Society, founded on 7 March 1981 by the University of Bayreuth and the town of Coburg, aims to promote research into the academic, cultural and political aspects of the German-British relationship, and with its name highlights the common heritage which is connected to the life and work of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1819-1861), Prince Consort to Queen Victoria. The Prince Albert Society is based in the town of Coburg, the former seat of the dukes of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and the home town of Prince Albert; nearby lies his birthplace, Schloss Rosenau. The Honorary President of the Society is His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh' (Prince Albert Society, 2006).

'Albert, who was interested in many aspects of art, designed alongside the architect Thomas Cubitt a new royal summer residence on the Isle of Wight, Osborne House. At the same time the summer palace at Balmoral was purchased and rebuilt. As a patron of the sciences and arts, Albert participated in the planning and organisation of the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Place in London in 1851'. (Prince Albert Society, 2006).

We have been in touch with the Prince Albert Society via our collaborators Karsten and Anja and they are excited about the 'Albert's Connection ' event we are developing and look forward to seeing all of the work produced during the events period.

The Prince Albert Society Webpage:

The Prince Albert Society Facebook Page:

Animated video showing Albert's dream for the Royal Albert Hall:
Posted 4 Feb 2019 16:48

'The revitalisation (even if temporary) of abandoned places balances on the borderline between planning and implementation. This is not necessarily the wish to alter something existing but rather the aspiration to highlight spatial relationships that have hitherto remained concealed' (Vaikla, 2017).

As part of the brief you will be expected to design a conceptual spatial intervention that can be built and exhibited at the Campus Design Open - Festival (Creapolis). We encourage you to analyze and re-imagine what a 'spatial intervention' could be. You may investigate the activation of space and forms of spatial intervention tactics that could focus on physical, mental and social strata of space.

Questions that could be interrogated:

- How to revitalize an anonymous space?

- How is it possible to direct people's behavior through physical space and how does space affect the human atmosphere?

- How could the fragile be transformed into the resilient?

Ultimately the brief is an open one, we want to see how your concepts are fabricated and brought into the reality of space and form. This is an exciting opportunity to push design boundaries and work together to create something innovative and fresh.
Posted 29 Jan 2019 11:32

Introducing our Events Co-Ordinators.

Florence - LuLu
Tom - InfraSpace
Lauren - InfraSpace
Asher - USE
Iuliana - USE
Paul - CIA
Posted 24 Jan 2019 14:02
Introducing 'Albert's Connection'.

‘Albert’s connection’ is a collaborative project that will bring together students from Manchester University and from Coburg University, in Germany, in order to use their creativity into a fun and engaging design competition.

The project consists of developing urban spatial interventions around the former Schlachthof (Slaughterhouse), which will be used for events held there as well as for the Creapolis at the Campus Design Open - Festival (parallel to the Coburger Design Tage).
Posted 9 Jan 2019 14:18