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Brierfield in History

Brierfield is a small town within the Borough of Pendle, Lancashire, with a population of around 8,100. It is historically rich, with strong religious and industrial significance.

In 1652, George Fox, the founder of the movement of the Quaker, had his first vision upon Pendle Hill, which lead him to travel Europe inspiring people with what he saw. A footbridge near the site is named Quaker Bridge after this historical tale.

During the early 19th Century, the town went under a lot of development due the building of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, the Blackburn to Addingham Turnpike Road and a railway from Preston Colne. This lead to an industrialisation of the area, with the rise of several cotton mills. The cotton industry became the main employer for the residents of Brierfield, until the owners Smith & Nephew ceased production. After years of disuse, Pendle Council purchased the mills with the intention of using them as a flagship regeneration project.
Posted 14 Feb 2019 20:28
Planning the event!

We met to discuss the session plan for the event; many exciting activities are in the mix! We are planning a trip to Brierfield to explore the site of the gas tower and meet the In-situ team at their new space ‘The Garage’, accompanied by the site developers Pearl. The local community will be engaged in a fun way using In-Situ’s Talkaoke, encouraging insightful community discussions in a relaxed and friendly way! We discussed the useful architectural skills we can teach and how we can successfully deliver them, including site analysis, model making and video animation. A busy week will be concluded with an inspiring exhibition within the Benzie atrium, showcasing the impressive skills and successful schemes created by the students of Group X, MSA.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 20:42