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The Landscape and Architecture of Post-War British Infrastructure Exhibition
Posted 23 Mar 2019 15:49
Due to prevailing demands, infrastructural projects such as power stations were built during the post-war period. The rapid establishment of the industrial landscape and its effect on the rural urban environment was in fact comparable to the UK industrial revolution. Having its influence on the physical landscape, co-production was highly recognized in the UK.

Throughout the events session, we will explore the relationship between the infrastructure establishment and landscape architecture design based on the University collection and case studies of works from mid-C20 landscape architects, including Brenda Colvin, Sylvia Crowe and Derek Lovejoy.

In collaboration with MERL (Museum of English Rural Life), we will present this to the broader public through a form of digital exhibition. This will be a new, engaging way of communication which tells the story of the design intentions behind post-war power stations and its cooperative landscape design.
Posted 9 Jan 2019 11:33