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Final Model | Day 10

This is the mechanism of our final model. We got a trolley with 3 drawers in the trolley to keep all books and publications inside. The trolley also fits the foldable book shelf as a display. The video was made by our first year student, Jithamanyu and edited by Emmanuel.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 15:40
Model Making | Day 8

During the model making session, we are figuring out the dimension, connection and the details involved in the model. Jim and Scott assist us with the model making to make sure the model is built in a good way.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 15:37
Design Development | Group 2 | Day 4

On the evening session, they were exploring the connection of many components in their design. They include a rotating aspect in their design and they need to explore more about the connection and how it needs to be constructed in the workshop. They explore the idea through numbers of sketchup and sketch modelling.
Posted 29 Mar 2019 12:00
Sketchup Tutorial | Day 4

During the morning session, Emmanuel Adedokun teaches the students on basic tools in Sketchup as they will model their ideas, identify the components and connection for the portable folding container for the client.
Posted 29 Mar 2019 11:29
Design Development | Group 3 | Day 4

On this day, everyone is working on the design development, exploring ideas and connection needed to assemble each components of the model through sketching, modelling and some of them are doing 3D model on Sketchup.
Posted 29 Mar 2019 11:06
For the ice breaking session, we were building a tower by using spaghetti and marshmallow. Group 3 managed to build the highest one initially before it toppled down. The purpose of the ice breaking is we want all members in the events to get to know among each other as they will work together as a throughout the events.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 20:52
Introducing Trolleyfest! coordinators.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our event or want to know more about our approach.
Posted 25 Feb 2019 19:09