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Hello and welcome to the AJ Events Blog 2019. Our project is Remnant: A Feeling for Time, situated on Winter Hill. The landscape is filled with rich history, and although it may not appear like it, scarred from human activity.

Back in November we met up with some members of the Woodland Trust to get some more information on the project and what they would like from us. They are planning to develop a series of toposcopes around the site for visitors. The aim of which has been split into three objectives: Learning, Behavioral and Emotional. These objectives will highlight the history of the site, educating visitors who visit whilst also offering some respite from long walks. Through education of the effects that humans have had on the landscape they hope that people think, react and care about the site.

What we will be creating is an atlas of research on the site, as well as design responses reflecting these. Through tracing of the historical, cultural and physical resources on the site we will be able to design toposcopes that fulfill the requirements of the Woodland Trust.

This is a project that the Woodland Trust plans to carry out in the future, meaning this work forms an essential grounding and potential influence for the final project. So if you're interested in landscapes, history and the environment come join group AJ.
Posted 9 Jan 2019 13:30