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We finalised the document that has been constructed throughout the two weeks. We have tried to show a full design process for the structure within the document not just the “pretty” images that are usually found.

The BA students have learnt how to use InDesign and construct a portfolio style document in order to prepare them for later submissions. They have learnt how to manage inventories of links which will help for data management.

The document is going to be circulated amongst the client in order for the school to bid for a full budget which will be used to construct the structure in the summer whilst the school is not in attendance.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 13:07
Further to our continued physical modelling of the site, we have also asked our undergraduates to model the scheme and context in 3D computer software. We have chosen SketchUp for this task, as we feel it’s a great, versatile tool that the undergraduates will find useful to apply to their work outside of the Events module.
The undergraduates have taken the initiative and ownership with this element of the scheme, and have began to build the base elements of our scheme in SketchUp. We will use this 3D model to extract elevations, plans and the base of our perspective views. By using 3D software, it allows us to quickly visualise how the design works within its context and make quick changes if something is not looking right.
In creating this model the undergraduate students have develop their computer software skills, as well as visualisation and 3D modelling.
Posted 2 Apr 2019 14:40
As part of the secondary site survey to sure up the measurements the MSA students were asked to engage with another way of recording the site. The students sketched the site live to record some of the feel rather than just the quantifiable data.

Alongside this we discussed different ways that the site could be diagrammed that would make clear some different aspects of the site that are not always evident from site photos and site plans.

The sketches will inform some of the later renders and core images as a result of the quality.
Posted 29 Mar 2019 11:36
The students have taken the inputs from the students engagement at St Mary’s, Levenshulme in order to develop the initial design ideas. This will lead on to another workshop with the young children which will develop the ideas even further.

Part of todays session was to create quick sketch drawings and mapping of the ideas that have been discussed throughout the group. The MSA Students then took it upon themselves to model the proposal ideas in order to give some spatial quality to both the staff, students and fifth years. This model developed from work that different members of the group progressed previously.

This will form a significant stage within the project as it will be a landmark.
Posted 27 Mar 2019 13:02
As a result of student feedback and a lack of understanding we squeezed in a CAD tutorial in order to aid them whilst they were drawing up the Site plans and also going forward with their architectural studies.

We taught the basic tools that would be needed which progressed onto a short “try out” session where the Masters students could offer any help that may be required. This will help the students to draw up the site plan independently in preparation for using during the rest of the week.
Posted 27 Mar 2019 12:55
This sustainable structure by Aimee Gray was designed to inhabit a space within Delamere forest to provide an outdoor classroom. The principal design inspiration was from the roots and canopies of trees within the forest. Creating both shade and seating opportunities within the environment. The proposal was intended to blend into the landscape and become part of it whilst promoting an environmentally friendly ethos.

The building was intended to show off the materiality that is provided by nature. Our own structure should learn from the design process of engaging with the site which should be relayed to the students from the university and also the children at the school.
Posted 21 Mar 2019 10:13
I discussed with teachers a number of guidelines in order to have a productive discussion with the students at St Marys Levenshulme.

1. Do not overwhelm the children. Approach at their level using understandable vocabulary.
2. Try no to intimidate. Ensure that there are equal numbers of child and adults together.
3. Take the time to explain. Taking the time to explain properly will help the child to engage fully.
4. Consider the perspective that a child sees the subject with. It may vastly differ from an adults.
5. Treat as equals. This will hopefully give the young students a maturity that will benefit the project.
6. Consider and validate answers. Do not disregard an answer a child has. Talk about it and make sure you both understand it.
7. Don’t force the issue. It is important to ask but do not force as it may make the child feel uncomfortable.
8. Don’t overcorrect! It may make the child withdraw from participating with the rest of the project.
9. Ask open ended questions. An open ended question stokes the imagination rather than restricting it.
10. Praise. Give praise for any participation especially innovative and imaginative answers.
Posted 21 Mar 2019 10:13
As part of our preparation to engage with the students at St Marys RC Primary School, Levenshulme we have talked to teachers who work with children on a regular basis. Firstly it is important to make the conversation and presentation interactive as to engage the students. This should ensure the childrens behaviour is good. Secondly it is vital to ensure a fine balance between them talking and us talking, in general ask questions to prompt answers rather than force feeding. The children need to feel they are participating not idly watching. Thirdly not expecting children to come up with answers immediately as we ask the questions. Give them time to converse and figure an answer. Finally find a way to consolidate the learning and the understanding by leaving the session on a fun note. This is often done by playing games.
Posted 26 Feb 2019 19:45
On the 12th November 2018 we met with Mr John Usher, Deputy Headmaster, at St Mary’s RC Primary school, Levenshulme. John and the group discussed existing facilities the school has, overarching aspirations for the school and finally the specific goals we are aiming for as part of the Events project. The conclusion was to design a sustainable outdoor space to educate the pupils of the importance of sustainable living in modern society.
Posted 9 Jan 2019 11:40