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We will be utilising presentation software, drafting and 3D modelling programmes to realise our proposal into a drawing publication that we will present to the Special Collections team. As a design team we will be using Photoshop and inDesign from the Adobe package in order to present our work in a visually striking, creative style. Our collaborators will then use our work to pitch the design to future investors, finding funding to build our proposal. Alongside the marketing material and visual images we will also be using AutoCAD and Sketchup to produce accurate technical drawings and 3D models to pitch our ideas to the collaborators. Combined together these softwares will allow us to present a professional project to a live client.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 15:37
Our group will be designing an exciting exhibition piece for the Special Collections team to showcase their extensive Photo Slide collection to students and researchers. Our aim is to produce an innovative way of viewing the photo slides whilst simultaneously providing exposure and awareness about the collection to those who haven't seen it before. We will be producing a full technical drawing package and supporting visuals for future marketing material in order for the Special Collections team to raise funding for a future build. Throughout the project we will be closely working with a real client that intends to use our design in the future as a permanent exhibition in the Special Collections library.
Posted 9 Jan 2019 15:03