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It has been a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic, engaging and critical collaborator during our events week. Even in the initial planning stages of this project, Janneke was determined to make the project both fun and rewarding for our group, dedicating time for meetings and reviews in her busy schedule. All 4 events groups that engaged with the Special Collections felt the same way and can only say positive things about our experience. Regular reviews from Janneke resulted in a well-resolved, appropriate and focus final outcome for the project. We hope that our designs and ideas allow Janneke to bid for funding and develop the Special Collections to be even more exciting than it already already is.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 12:39
The "Slide Slide Slide" exhibition at the Microscope Gallery, New York displayed work from various practitioners that still had some engagement with photo slides. Each practitioner created a visual installation experimenting with light, sound and images which resulted in a "lively and vibrant" atmosphere. Some of these elements can be explored within the idea exploration stages on the first week of the session plan. Precedence studies like this one will be important to realise the teams ideas and produce a slide exhibition for the special collections.
Posted 25 Feb 2019 11:37
Working in both small and large design teams, BA & MArch students will be moving through the various stages of the design process. The session plan follows a similar methodological approach as being part of a competition design team. The first week focuses on the creation of conceptual ideas and how to communicate these effectively, whilst the second week focuses on producing a final technical drawing package for the Special Collections Team.

Various lessons led by the MArch students will demonstrate a range of design approaches and software skills to allow BA to present their ideas.
Posted 25 Feb 2019 10:45