MEET THE COLLABORATOR - St Mary's RC. Primary School

Our collaborator this year is St Mary's RC. Primary School located in Levenshulme. The school has strong ethos for outdoor learning and aim for 10% of all teaching to take place outdoors as part of their Forest School Program. St Mary's also believes in teaching the pupils about sustainability through various activities within the school. The school follows the Laudato Si: Live Simply Scheme which aims to teach pupils to:
- Live Simply
- Live Sustainably
- Live in Solidarity

This project will involve designing a Sensory Walk to be part of St Mary's' outdoor learning programme, allowing the pupils to explore the different senses during teaching and play sessions. We will be exploring different sustainable solutions and will be collaborating alongside the pupils to create an exciting and educational space for all people within the St Mary's Community.
Posted 9 Mar 2020 21:30
The Senses - SIGHT
Posted 22 Mar 2020 14:44
The Senses - HEARING
Posted 22 Mar 2020 14:45
The Sense - TOUCH
Posted 22 Mar 2020 14:45
The Sense - TASTE
Posted 22 Mar 2020 14:45
The Senses - SMELL
Posted 22 Mar 2020 14:46
Site Characteristics
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How To Reach The Site
Posted 22 Mar 2020 15:07

Re-use and sustainability is a key part of St Mary's RC. Primary School's ethos. Here is a guide on how to re-use plastic bottles to create a hanging green wall. Ideas similar to this could be used within our project to create an exciting and educational sensory walk without generating any further waste.
Posted 23 Mar 2020 20:12

There are other creative methods that can be incorporated into designs that are sustainable and utilise re-use. For example, tyre walls, bottle bird feeders and cup wind chimes.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 08:24