Precedent 1:

Homed is a new type of temporary housing in New York City by Creative agency Framlab.

It comprises partly 3D-printed hexagonal pods that use scaffolding to attach to the sides of unused, windowless building facades. The modular units could be easily customized for different uses and transported from site to site.

The main approach is to offer a practical and aesthetic option in a very dense city. To maximize space, the proposal develops on a vertical axis, in a shape very similar to a honeycomb.

Homed’s hexagon-shaped housing modules could form temporary micro-neighborhoods and a type of private and attractive housing that most shelters are unable to provide.
The flexibility of the modules allows a wide array of uses that include sleeping, showering, and socializing.

Each aluminum-framed pod features interior modules 3D printed from recyclable bioplastics and clad with wood laminate. PMMA smart glass lets in ample natural light, while the layer of thin-film diodes provide privacy and can be used to depict artwork or commercial content on the outside.
Posted 20 Mar 2020 21:19
Precedent 2:

Street tree Pods is a treehouse to provide starter homes on London, designed by Matthew Chamberlain.

"Street Tree Pods seeks to offer a fresh insight into urbanisation and community living within London, tackling and challenging both the current housing crisis and the growing pollution issues within the city," explained Chamberlain.

Taking up the same amount of space as a single car-parking bay, each structure would offer short-term accommodation to a single occupant. It can be occupied by students, young professionals and first-time buyers, or to homeless people.
"It is not enough to simply move it out of the way for our architectural interventions. Trees are imperative to the success, health and wellbeing of all people and only ever provide advantages to our quality and way of life."
Posted 20 Mar 2020 21:20
Precedent 3:

Dome sleeping unit is a modular sleeping POD in Los Angeles, designed by architecture firm Perkins and Will.
The unit was designed by Perkins and Will's LA studio in response to a city initiative called A Bridge Home, which is focused on creating emergency shelter for homeless residents.
The Dome system responds to "the urgent need for specialised furnishings that can be rapidly deployed at a low cost", said Perkins and Will in a project statement.
Each contains a lockable wardrobe, a standard power outlet, and a frame for a twin bed. An optional fabric canopy can be used to cover openings, helping increase privacy.

Solid surface panels and Birch plywood for the wardrobe door are used as materiality.
"Solid surface is low maintenance and resists scratching, while wood accents give the unit a residential character," the team said.
Posted 20 Mar 2020 21:22
Covid-19 and homeless

At a time when we are all in quarantine, complaining that we are staying at home for the whole day, every day, for an indefinite period. We forget the luxury and the privilege that we have, a roof, which protects us from the cold, the wind, and the virus. At a time when the majority are thinking of stocking up on food and toilet paper, others are looking for a roof, a minimum of comfort for shelter. It is in these moments of distress that we realize the privileges that life has offered us.
Homelessness is a problem that has always overwhelmed as a major, but with the current conditions, the virus has appropriated the street, the shelter of many. The danger is more present than ever.

‘People experiencing homelessness are amongst the most vulnerable to life-threatening COVID-19 and our members are describing crisis conditions in the services dedicated to supporting them. The government must step up now to protect our vital services by taking the actions we outline below. ‘

Here some solutions that homeless link charity proposes to the Government to step up now to protect homeless people by taking the urgent actions below.

1. Protect and support people experiencing homelessness
1.1 Remove legal barriers to accessing self-contained accommodation for people facing homelessness.
1.2 Increase access to self-contained accommodation so that people facing homelessness can self-isolate.
1.3 Ensure that homeless people most at risk have rapid access to testing.

2. Enable homelessness services to operate effectively and respond safely
2.1 Urgently provide PPE, hygiene supplies and testing.
2.2 Offer an emergency grant fund for homelessness services
2.3 Provide bloc payments of Housing Benefit to accommodation providers in advance, rather than requiring monthly returns.

3. Prevent further homelessness as a result of COVID-19 
3.1 Follow through on promises for a complete ban on evictions from social and private rented
3.2 Provide Universal Credit advance payments on a grant basis.
3.3 Suspend Universal Credit deductions and sanctions.
Posted 30 Mar 2020 13:40
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our POD project can no longer continue as planned.

We were extremely excited about this event, given its humanitarian and creative impact which would allow us to collaborate together and realize a proposal.
A good cause doesn't stop here. Through our research, we have achieved the extent of homelessness in Manchester. Taking charge is a collective work that can start with ourselves, raising awareness for everyone.

We had the excellent opportunity to collaborate with Dominic Sagar and Woah whom we thank for their patience, their time and their great work. We had the chance to visit Cornerstone charity, to see the truth up close, we talked with some homeless people, we were extremely well received by the staff and volunteers of the charity, whom we thank very much! A wonderful inspiration!
And lastly a special thanks to our guest architecture unknown, who were very excited to collaborate with us, always very available and attentive. Thank you for the awareness you raise about homelessness in the community.

We just want to say a very huge thank you to our collaborators, guest speakers and to all who were involved
Thank you and stay safe!
Posted 30 Mar 2020 16:09