Thomas Owain R

Group 06

DATE: 30/04

On the 30th we'll be going to the site in Nelson. We'll introduce you to the collaborators who will talk to you about the amazing work they do within the community. We'll also have a chance to talk with members of the community and to really get to know the people this project is for.

After lunch we'll be leading a guided site survey workshop to help you understand the site and document it properly, skills that you'll use throughout your careers.
Posted 20 Mar 2020 23:08

In groups of 3-4 students we will be leading you through a site surveying workshop. We will show you the basics of site surveying and help you to document the site though measurements, photographs and more before a cross validation to see where any details might have been missed out.

During this period we will also be talking with you about concept ideas and sketches and how they might relate to the surveyed information to take forward into the design process.
Posted 20 Mar 2020 23:11

Hosted by the Building Bridges team we will be engaging in a talkaoke, an open discussion platform used in the community in Nelson. We'll be bringing forward questions from our discussions at MMU and engage with the BBP team and members of the community to get to the heart of what they need from the space and what life in Pendle is like.
Posted 20 Mar 2020 23:12
DATE: 29/04

The MMU Tech Lab will be leading us through an InDesign workshop. The go to software for publication design, Adobe InDesign is a great tool to learn. Not only will this help you put together a cohesive Zine, its a software often used to create portfolios, planning packages and brochures in University and in practice, skills that will look great on a CV.

We'll be looking at the basic overview of the software to get everyone to a good level, but as we begin to apply a Zine aesthetic you'll have the opportunity to build on these skills with the help of the MArch team.
Posted 20 Mar 2020 23:12

During this event we'll be creating a brief, a basis for the design proposals that will build on information gathered about the site and the community. The key purpose is to identify the challenges to solve before looking for a solution. As a group, the collective research will allow you to find more challenges and together we will look for similarities, crossover and hierarchies to form a manifesto for your design proposals. The solutions to the same challenges will be varied but by designing the brief collectively we can insure we are all working towards the same goal that fits the clients needs.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 10:36

Using the trip to the library collection as inspiration you'll be gathering your own collection of Zine's to bring to the table. We'll be discussing the pro's and cons of different styles based on who the Zine is for and what it's content is.

This should build some common themes that we can use to create a master format, something that will be able to highlight the different styles and designs whilst maintaining a cohesive document.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 11:07