Alice Josefa B

Group 11

We are challenging our group to re-imagine how to communicate the real stories behind homelessness and Nightsafe. Social media is a powerful way to target a wide audience so we will develop a package of social media posts covering instagram, twitter and facebook for Nightsafe to use.

We will need creative layouts which tell a story as a collection of posts as well as individually. Photography needs to be imaginative to protect the identity of vulnerable people.

We will be using InDesign which some of the students may be less familiar with, a skill we will develop together as a group, and we will have a crash course in photography.
Posted 19 Mar 2020 09:41
During the first week we will learn some new skills and experiment with how to present Nightsafe's stories through social media. Day 1 introduces photography with a fun workshop. Day 2 focuses on transcribing interviews done by the masters students over Easter at Nightsafe. Day 3 has a small competition to find the best presentation method. And the week ends with a trip to Nightsafe in Blackburn where we can meet volunteers, staff and users of Nightsafe and hold our own craft event.
Posted 23 Mar 2020 12:52