The first week is about getting to know the team and understanding how to deal with the vulnerable age group – children. We are fortunate to get in touch with the inspiring STEM Ambassador Team that will be giving us a session on how to conduct the workshops in the second week effectively. Building upon the knowledge and understanding gained, we will then construct an interactive piece of model that will be used as a medium to connect with the communities.
Posted 23 Mar 2020 20:05
We had 3 meetings with the collaborator at the Town Hall with the upcoming one (scheduled 8th April) being cancelled due to certain circumstances. Agendas were sent out prior to the meetings with a follow up meeting minutes after. The meetings were chaired by the MSA team with the support of the collaborator.
Posted 29 Mar 2020 14:27
To ensure that we are on the right track, we ensure that meetings were held every week or sometimes even twice! We had brunch over meeting and chats with coffee to maintain a friendly relationship alongside working in a project. This made us feel more comfortable working in a team and would expect this interaction to continue when the undergraduates are on board.
Posted 29 Mar 2020 14:28