We are collaborating with Purcell Architects, who were funded in 1940s by a conservation expert Donovan Purcell. They have a vast experience at working with historic buildings, as well as architecture and master planning.

The main collaborator within Purcell Architects will be Vanessa Torri who will be representing the office during the final presentation of our project to the Architects and who will host a site visit in the Town Hall during the intensive week. The renovation works will be in place, so joining our group gives you a unique opportunity to not only see the Town Hall inside, which is closed to the visitors until 2024, but also to visit a construction site!

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Posted 15 Mar 2020 01:23

We have organised a internal visit of Town Hall on 28th April to let our group members take a glance of the interior and the live site before designing. The tour is hosted by Purcell staff and it is a good chance to see how the constructional site is working during the closure of town hall.
Posted 16 Mar 2020 21:09

During the first week, the whole group will visit the town hall and attend an seminar held by mace staff. After a brief tutorial of the essential software for BA students, the group will separate into two sub-groups and run parallel brain storming, as well as concept development. The design stage will be closed at the end of this week with two creative installation waiting to be modeled and visulised.
Posted 23 Mar 2020 19:15

After an informative week, the second week is more productive. Each of the sub-group will have half of members to do physical model, while the other half undergoing visualisation for the final presentation. The most exciting thing is the formal presentation, which is happen at the last day of this week. There will be secret guests been invited to the presentation together with the Purcell Architect. The group are required to dress formally.
Posted 23 Mar 2020 19:19

Both BA students and MA students need to go to the mmu AV store in person to register in the system for online booking access of PPE before the intense week start. Students are required to show and scan their student card at the AV store counter.
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Posted 23 Mar 2020 21:42

The term “installation”, which appeared in the 1970’s, generally applies to works created for interior spaces (ie. gallery, museum); outdoor works are more often referred to as public art, land art, or, to put it roughly, humans intervening on an environment and putting their “stamp” on it.

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Posted 24 Mar 2020 01:04

Dr Kim Förster is an Architectural studies Lecturer in the University of Manchester and member of the Manchester Architecture Research Group (MARG). His current project deals with architecture and the environment, i.e. notions of ecology, archives of energy transition, and the politics and economies of sustainability at different spatial scales over the last five decades.

Dr Kim Förster will be the key reviewer of the final presentation together with the Purcell Architects, having the opportunity to provide critical perspective from a larger context of the urban space for the project. He is extremely helpful and considerable and it will be a precious chance to discuss your personal study interests with Kim in an academical way.

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Posted 28 Mar 2020 11:16