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You've met the 5 of us, now it's time to meet the gallery we are working with to create our exhibition!

The Modernist is a self proclaimed architecture and design publisher, gallery and shop, located in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. They host a range of exhibitions across the art and architecture spectrum, and have a history of working along side the MSA to create their exhibitions.

We have just visited their current exhibition "Sarah Hardacre: Penthouse and Pavement"... It's a great way to get to know The Modernist and what it represents so we would recommend having a look for inspiration!

To get a deeper insight have a browse of their Instagram or Twitter using the handle @modernistmag or follow this link:

To learn more about The Modernist Society; follow this link
Posted 6 Mar 2020 15:11


WHO? Richard Brook
WHEN? 28.04.20
WHAT? New Towns Research Talk

We are delighted to confirm that Richard Brook will be joining us on the 28th April to talk to us regarding his expertise in new towns, his work on post-war Manchester and other exhibitions.

Richard Brook, Registered Architect, leads architecture research at Manchester School of Architecture. His personal research interests cover:
-British Modern Architecture
- Mapping
- Functionalism
- Utilitarianism
- Brutalism
-Industrial Architecture

…And many others! His links to both historical and contemporary research means he is well equipped in guiding us through what it means to be a “new town”. His expertise will be invaluable to all involved in the NEWTOPIA project - we will all be able to learn something to enhance our exhibition!

Prior to this post, we introduced one of our collaborators: THE MODERNIST. Richard himself has actually worked alongside the Modernist in the past to produce a series of archival photobooks. These books, housed in the Visual Resources Centre, document and display what the everyday has to reveal about the society across multiple towns.

To take a look at his series of photobooks you can contact:
Jeremy Parrett
Archivist, Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections

For more information on Richard, and for a sneak peak at some of his past work, follow this link:

Or to take a look at his work alongside Martin Dodge into Post-war infrastructures of Manchester, follow this link:

Posted 17 Mar 2020 10:08


WHO? Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead
WHEN? 30.04.20
WHAT? Crit style reviews of our initial exhibition proposals.

The key focus of the NEWTOPIA project is the design of the exhibition. What will the spacial layout be? How will visitors interact with the work? How will visitors move through the space? Is the work well represented?

There are many questions that need resolving in order to create an effective and seamless exhibition. In order to ensure we fulfil this criteria, we are enthused to announce JACK HALE and EDDY RHEAD will be joining us to offer invaluable feedback on our exhibition proposals.


Jack and Eddy are The Modernist Society founders, and editors of The Modernist Magazine- so who better to help!
From years working in the industry, both are extremely knowledgable in everything from art to architecture and all the elements in-between. They have themselves organised many exhibitions at The Modernist, interacting with many artists and designers along the way.

We have already met with them to discuss this and their enthusiasm and spirit has fuelled us to start designing!

Want to find out more about Jack and Eddy? Follow this link to a great article:
Posted 18 Mar 2020 10:01

As architecture students, and promising future architects, we need more skills than are required to simply design a building. The career is multifaceted, we need to know how to; connect with clients, build work relationships at ease, articulate ideas, work effectively in teams, and many other attributes. Throughout EVENTS 20 we are looking at curating these skills and many others.

The Newtopia exhibition provides us with the perfect opportunity to use the diverse skills we have all learnt this far at University as a foundation to branch out into other crafts. Here are some of the alternate skills we will be looking at:

-Exhibition Curation
-Graphic Design
-Scaled Drawing
-Binding and Printing
-Audio Editing
-Space Planning
-Real life Design & Assemble

We are looking forward to hosting exciting guests that range from MSA Alumni, to field specialists who are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise to the benefit of the Newtopia project.

We will be releasing the names and information of our special guests on the coming posts, so keep an eye out!
Posted 18 Mar 2020 10:19

We are saddened that we have to end the NEWTOPIA project prior to the exhibition in light of the national requirements due to Covid-19.

Throughout Events 20 we have been overwhelmed with the generosity of time and spirit our collaborators and special guests have been willing to donate. We hope that these connections continue to develop in the future, and that our posts will inspire you to take a deeper look into the work of the guests we had planned.

The social value embedded within the design, evolution and execution of new towns holds a fundamental role in the function of our country; and it has been a pleasure introducing you to the case studies that we were planning to display to the public. We are saddened that the people who live in the towns of the case studies, who contributed so willingly to the research, will no longer be able to visit the exhibition, but are reassured that their representation still exists within the case studies themselves.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working as a group together for the first time; coordinating our first student lead live project.
Although we have not had the chance to improve our skillset through the workshops and talks we had organised, we have enjoyed building our organisational, planning and management skills through the preparation and outreach work we have conducted over the previous months.

Thank you to all the staff, students, and collaborating bodies who worked together over the past few months.

Posted 30 Mar 2020 22:54