Easy Peel are a local creative design studio based in Manchester, specialising in product, graphics, exhibitions, installations and art direction.

As part of our ‘How Women Build: Exhibition’ event, we will be making a site visit to their studio based in Mayfield, Manchester. There they will be able to talk us through their creative process, story and values as a collaborative and experimental studio and show us tools, techniques and materials to inspire our designs for the exhibition stands.

To find out more about them before our visit, take a look at their website!


[all images from: https://www.easypeelstudio.com/ ]
Posted 23 Mar 2020 15:32
Getting in the workshop and getting making is such a useful skill to have.

It gets you off the computer and allows you to realise your 2D designs, putting into practice skills you have learned about 3D spaces within architecture. It also allows gives you the freedom to experiment, design and make at all scales, including 1:1.

This collaboration with How Women Build is allowing us the freedom of design, and are going to use the workshop to build what we create!
Posted 23 Mar 2020 18:22
During this event, you will be able to spend time figuring out and making specific joint types.
As a key feature of the Exhibition Stands is the need for them to be dismountable and transportable, it is vital that we learn from the technicians about the best method of manufacture and that includes clever joinery. It is also a key skill in allowing you guys to build at 1:1.
Posted 31 Mar 2020 16:39
Not only is the exhibition content important, the space planning is equally vital in providing an interesting and dynamic user experience.
As architects we must think about, dimensions, routes, experiences, heights, different types of users all at the same time. This exhibition space plan exercise will be fantastic experience at visualising spaces!
Posted 31 Mar 2020 16:42