Trees Not Cars want to work with the Council to develop a scheme that includes significant community green space and social housing to respond to the affordable housing crisis in the city.
Posted 11 Mar 2020 20:18
Create a feasible alternative for the site which:
_Gives the community a usable green space
_Provides connections from the marina to the city by foot and bike
_Provides sporting and recreation space for the existing community
is a reasonable financial argument for the alternate plan
_Provides shelter from noise, traffic, and air pollution
_Incorporates affordable residential space
_Provides space for small businesses
Posted 11 Mar 2020 20:35
- MSA Graduate
- Atelier . LULU
- Interests . Child-Friendly Urban Planning

- MSA Graduate
- Atelier . Infra.Space
- Interests . Political Architecture

- MSA Graduate
- Atelier . Infra.Space
- Interests . Enviromental Analysis Through BIM

- Newcastle Univeristy Graduate
- Atelier . &Architecture
- Interests . Inclusive Design

- MSA Graduate
- Atelier . CPU
- Interests . Grass-Roots Movements
Posted 11 Mar 2020 21:14
Issues with the current proposal:

-Cotton Field Park is existing green space and not a part of the new development.
-Proposed green roofs would not be accessible to the public.
-No replacement of the cycle lanes along Great Ancoats Street after the proposed removal.
-Prioritises commercial property over much needed affordable housing.
Posted 11 Mar 2020 21:23