Siti Nur Syahirah BS

Group 29

Social Values

The main focus of this project is to bring the young artists, architects and wider community in creating a convenient, flexible spaces for these talents. This event will contribute towards the development of the spaces in the future while educating and implementing architectural values.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 22:48
Skills Development

This event will become a great opportunity for the students to engage in a live project. The students are going to explore architectural values and concepts that will help to improve and widen their understanding in flexibility of exhibition spaces. We will be working together to produce sets of proposals which will be useful for the collaborators. A few types of outputs will be produced, encouraging teamwork and creativity in achieving high level of production.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 22:50
Software Skills

We are aiming to practice skillsharing between our group members. This form of practice would increase the members’ knowledge and sharpen their skills for future career opportunities. These software skills are important as the demands in our current industry keep increasing each year.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 22:51
Session Plan Week 1

We are going to have ice-breaking session with all the members, along with introduction on the project. We will then be focusing on understanding the brief. Next, the members will spend time on the site and meet the collaborators. There will be a guest speaker from TASC to further explain about their team and backgrounds. Q&A will be held for a better understanding to the team members. We will then begin discussing concepts and ideas. There will be recaps at the end of each days to ensure smooth workflow throughout the following weeks.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 23:10