The site is located on Whitworth Lane in Fallowfield, Manchester. With a variety of different of buildings located around the site from Student Accommodation, Hotels & Educational Facilities the site has great potential to bring an accessible green link to these facilities that would enhance the quality of the area creating an environmentally friendly, beautiful space that can give back o the local community.

Which we have the exciting task of creating and shaping this space!
Posted 22 Mar 2020 12:18

The reason why the Botanical Blueprint scheme is important to Fallowfield and the wider community is that the project will create links to the community, schools and private businesses in a bio-diverse, visually rich space.

The benefit of these connections is that the botanical garden creates a safe, beautiful, inclusive place to learn, grow, develop for school children and adults alike.

It also provides key links to local businesses and boosts mental wellbeing, social outlets and revitalises a currently underutilized space.
Posted 22 Mar 2020 13:49

Throughout EVENTS20 various team members will be holding mini skills tutorials from Sketch up with Irena to Photoshop with Alex.

Anything your not sure on one of the team will definitely be able to help you with it!

We are also having external tutorials on Landscape Design, where you will learn some of the basics of how to design Landscapes, hopefully picking up some tips and tricks for the future!
Posted 22 Mar 2020 16:35