Néstor José RM

Group 14

Group 14 // Centre Stage // How will our publication help?

National Lottery Funding - Our publication will provide a solid background delineating how our proposal will improve life in the community. This will push the project as a strong contender to be awarded The National Lottery Fund, which would make the development of the NWTAC a reality.

The publication will have a strong focus on how the community will benefit itself from being part of the NWTAC Theatre and Community Centre. It will showcase an age-friendly programme accessible to the community, with the spotlight in an attractive performance space which would engage the young community in developing their creative skills.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 20:58
Group 14 // Centre Stage // How will our publication help?

Collaboration with Trevor Cousins - Working in conjunction with Trevor Cousins, our publication will show the perspective from a qualified architect in the proposal. It will describe the elements which can make the scheme feasible in the early design stages, describing the main architectural qualities which would make it an engaging project.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 21:22
Group 14 // Centre Stage // How will our publication help?

Public Consultation - The document published can be presented to the community in order for them to understand the drivers of the proposal. It will clearly communicate the benefits that the project aims to tackle, focusing on an engaging programme for the people of Moston.

Following this consultation, the community can provide feedback to the designers. This will improve the quality of the proposal, directly tackling the needs and requests of the community. In the same way, the community can feel an active part of the design process, and in consequence, they will see the new theatre and community hub as their own.
Posted 24 Mar 2020 22:07