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Group 05 1:1

Former disused Northlight Mill set to be the home of a new Arts and Cultural centre for Pendle, East Lancashire. It will be developed after a successful bid to Arts Council England by In-Situ, our collaborator, a non-profit arts organisation based in Pendle. The Garage, part of In-Situs current on-going projects, is set to be redeveloped as part of the wider Northlight Mill Masterplan into an Arts Exhibition space. Through a two week workshop of design and making, we aim to produce a 1:1 final output that will compliment the proposed open-air cinema at the Northlight Mill Arts Centre redevelopment. // Download Poster

Andreas L // YUKUN L // Jaemin S // Samuel B // Matthew H

A huge thank you to all the BA students for their commitment and efforts in making this project come to life! It was great meeting and working with you.
Posted 8 May 2018 11:44
The Ticket Booth is going to be put up on a film screening in Pendle on the 28th of June!

We are all very excited about this!

It will then be used for further Pop-Up Cinema Screening during the summer on its site within the Northlight Mill in Brierfield
Posted 8 May 2018 10:41
Standing just behind the Ticket Booth desk. We have added a small module on its side which can be used as seating or storage.

Posted 8 May 2018 10:30
Taken from the seating module side of the Ticket Booth.
Posted 8 May 2018 10:27
Standing on the seating module of the ticket booth
Posted 8 May 2018 10:15
The final Ticket Booth next to its friends and neighbours. Great sharing the quad with you guys and seeing some great work being made.
Posted 8 May 2018 10:11
Nothing can substitute a handmade piece! Taken after a long day of waterproofing the cardboard tubes.
Posted 8 May 2018 10:04
A massive thank you to our collaborator Paul from In-Situ for making this possible! It was a pleasure working with you and the college students.
Posted 8 May 2018 10:02
Some beautiful sketches from the team during the design workshop.
Posted 8 May 2018 09:55
The side view of the finished ticket booth.
Posted 1 May 2018 23:10
Last day of construction. Well done everyone with good efforts! We managed to get all the five components in time and it looks really gooooooood! Thanks everyone for participating, hope you guys enjoyed it !
Posted 1 May 2018 13:14
After a successful start to the week and finishing the construction of the ticket booth, it is time to put the finishes touches to the film ahead of the group viewing tomorrow!
Posted 1 May 2018 11:27
The white caps were our finishing touch.
Posted 30 Apr 2018 22:03
Huge congratulations to the team for all their great efforts in the construction of the ticket booth!

2 days of design and 6 days of building to create something that will become the centrepiece of the pop-up outdoor cinema in Brierfield!

It was so much fun making this, from the site visit to conception and implementation. Through the tens of problems we tackled every day and multiple espresso shots along the way.

More images to follow. Also keep an eye for the video coming up tomorrow.
Posted 30 Apr 2018 21:58
Well done guys! Good effort! Im really happy to work with you lots for the last ten days! Looking forward to seeing our model in the exhibition day!
Posted 30 Apr 2018 18:25
Going for the last push on the construction of the ticket booth tomorrow. Our aim is to complete the construction and put together the ticket booth modules by the end of the day.

Posted 29 Apr 2018 22:48
Friday a construction day! Some of us went to the wood workshop to add the shelf on the ticket desk and adding medium sized tubes as well for making the desk look much more interesting. We had a very productive time in the workshop. Well done guys, we are almost there!
Posted 28 Apr 2018 16:57
Tower coming up!
Posted 27 Apr 2018 23:32
Well done guys for drilling and joining the tubes. We got the bench and the desk done today. Good progress and we will be pushing this further tomorrow. Hopefully get rest of it done! Looking forward to see you all!
Posted 26 Apr 2018 23:24
This side or the other?
Posted 26 Apr 2018 21:10
Apart from being very cold outside at the Quad, it was a very productive day today!

We managed to get the seating and desk modules done! Hooraaaay!

The ticket booth starts to come to life and we are all very excited! Looking forward to moving onto the adjacent modules tomorrow.
Posted 26 Apr 2018 19:56
Working out the bench logistics!!
Posted 26 Apr 2018 13:28
Now were connecting them together, Im existed that we will see them stand up!
Posted 26 Apr 2018 13:19
Preparing the next move
Posted 26 Apr 2018 13:18
They passed the strength test!
Posted 26 Apr 2018 12:59
Big day ahead!

We are continuing with the build of the seat and ticket desk components following a testing day yesterday.
Posted 26 Apr 2018 10:10
Along side of construction of the ticketbooth, well done team for the taking the masterplanning further in the morning. It was continued in the afternoon with a small number of people from the team. It will be helpful for your record and portfolio all of you are ganding in!
Posted 26 Apr 2018 08:44
Great start today guys! We are now more familiar with the construction process, which will make tomorrow's construction flow more efficiently. Let's meet at The Shed (Quad) @ 10:00. It's going to be a long day of construction, so get some rest tonight. See ya!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 17:58
Finally we started to put all the tubes together! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 14:26
We have our first pieces joined together! Slow but steady progress today.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 12:12
ANNNDDD WE'RE DONE!!!! gluing and painting is done. Onto building tomorrow !!
Posted 24 Apr 2018 17:52
Tomorrow's plan of action.
Posted 24 Apr 2018 17:23
Super efforts today! Weve done so much in the two days, hopefully we can see the model standing up tomorrow!
Posted 24 Apr 2018 16:37
Weatherproofing started from the vert morning of today. We will probably get all the tubes glued by end of the day. So that, we will be ready to start constructing tomorrow!
Posted 24 Apr 2018 15:42
How beautiful they are !
Posted 24 Apr 2018 15:26
Gluing = waterproofing

Brush, brush, brush!
Posted 24 Apr 2018 12:32
Finishing touches to the coloured tubes this morning!

A LOT of PVAing to follow to make them water resistant this afternoon. Much needed in this weather!
Posted 24 Apr 2018 12:01
Good job everyone for hard working today. We have cut, wrap, spary cardboard tubes arrived today. Tomorrow will be similar thing continued plus weatherproofing the tubes that are sprayed. Can't wait for this ticketbooth to be constructed soon. For tomorrow, we wikl start sharp at 10.00 in Chatham studio 711. See you all there tomorrow!
Posted 23 Apr 2018 23:06
Tomorrow's schedule.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 22:03
Today we (1) received the cardboard tubes order, (2) cut the tubes to size, (3) masked them for painting, (4) spray painted them.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 19:53
Well done everyone, tomorrow might be cold and raining, please remember to wear warm cloths ;)
Posted 23 Apr 2018 19:43
Go go go!
Posted 23 Apr 2018 15:52
A few of our tubes have just arrived! Excited to get started today!
Posted 23 Apr 2018 11:35
Happy Monday people!

We are starting the day off with a final design workshop whilst we await the arrival of the cardboard tubes that we will be constructing the ticket booth out of.

Some really interesting ideas and drawings coming from the students. I think we have a good week ahead of us!
Posted 23 Apr 2018 11:15
Well done for last week everyone! Let's keep moving towards the 1:1 model this week !
Posted 23 Apr 2018 09:51
Paul from In-Situ Art Practice and the students from the art college in pendle review our ticket booth designs and decide on their favourite concepts. An undulating wall that organically reflects the landscape with colours to match the doors of the new art studio in the Brierfield Mill - oranges on the ground, greens on first.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 09:35
Getting closer to the final design of the ticket booth! Some great drawings by the team!
Posted 22 Apr 2018 17:15
It's construction week! Yeah!
Posted 22 Apr 2018 12:03
Some shots of Natalie, the architect involved in the Northlight Mill redevelopment, explaining the scheme.
Posted 21 Apr 2018 20:53
Yesterday we were joined by our collaborator In-Situ and a group of brilliant Art and Media students from the College of Art in Pendle.

We started off with a design session, continuing from the previous day. The Art and Media students were then involved in commenting on the designs and highlighting key elements that could fit in well with the community in Brierfield. They then proposed a colour scheme derived from the natural shades of colour falling on the Brierfield Hill, along with a logo for the Brierfield Cinema.

Thank you for coming all the way to Manchester to join us! It was great to have you.

On Monday we expect the delivery of the cardboard tubes. Once they arrive we can start making the ticket booth! Excitiiiiiing! See you all on Monday!
Posted 21 Apr 2018 15:31
Great work on Friday to all. Thank you to our collaborator, not only to visit our design session and give some good comments but also bringing some guests from art college in Pendle. I think we learnt much from each other and great collaborating and sharing ideas today with the guests.
Posted 20 Apr 2018 21:14
Great drawing session today. Fantastic ideas and drawings once again. We are starting to see a finalised design coming up. The cardboard tubes are arriving on Monday, so we are lookin. forward to start making the ticket booth! Yeeeeah!
Posted 20 Apr 2018 15:50
Well done for the afternoon design development session. We made a huge progress today, making decisions on the location of the booth/entrance, materiality, structure and so on. Looking forward to getting into one final design tomorrow from today's 15 different ideas!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 22:35
Today we explored ideas ideas around the design of the ticket booth. Small mockups were used to test lightweight materials and connections.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 22:27
Guys, have a look of the design processes. how can we develop the basic geometry components to some interesting forms?
Posted 19 Apr 2018 20:10
Good job everyone! Today it was a really long day, thanks for everyone's coming.We saw a lot of nice ideas and drawings today, and we will go more specific into our 1:1 model day by day. Tomorrow we aim to come up with the design to show more details, and we hope ideally we can start to make the digital and physical model next Monday. Have a good break tonight, tomorrow is important, because our cooperator and the guests from Brierfield local art college will join us, we need to show them some interesting ideas. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow !
Posted 19 Apr 2018 20:01
It was a nice trip yesterday, especially for you guys who from the first and the second years. A good architect is not only about designing on the paper, how to design the construction details and how to solve the issues on site are also really important.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 19:47
Precedent of the theme COLOUR that got picked up today on many of the team's drawings.

Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:45
DAY 03 - FRIDAY 20.04

10:00 Benzie 515-516
We are going to be joined by our collaborator In-Situ and graphic design, interior design and students from the College of Art in Pendle. They will be over-looking the on-going design process of the Pop-Up Cinema Ticket Booth, while providing valuable insight and input.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Benzie 515-516
Recap on the design iterations and finalise

14:00 Chatham 3rd Floor Lecture Theatre
Ladder and Tools Induction

14:30 Free to enjoy the rest of the day.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:37
A discussion with the Brierfield Mill Redevelopment architect about access and circulation to the cinema after our informative tour!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:19
Some excellent sketches and designs of the cinema today!!!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:18
David (site manager) and Paul (collaborator) discussing the hotel aspect of the mill conversion on site yesterday in Brierfield
Posted 19 Apr 2018 14:44
In the afternoon, initial design session was held. Everyone participated well with their ideas about pop-up cinema. We talked through our impression on the site visit and the town.
At the end, everyone including master's students came out with masterplan design of pop-up cinema and we shared all the ideas for the next design stage. It was a nicely-done design session and well done for everyone!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 10:08
The 1:1 team and Paul from our awesome collaborator In-Situ in front of Brierfield Library (our studio for the day) after a great Site Visit and an inspiring Design Session.

Great first day!
Posted 18 Apr 2018 23:03
Great day today in Brierfield! Thank you all for coming along.

There were some really nice ideas regarding the Pop-up Outdoor Cinema Masterplan and its general layout and orientation.

This is our schedule for tomorrow. We look forward to taking ideas and sketches from today's session further tomorrow into the design of the Cinema Ticket Booth, a part of the overall masterplan.

More Images and information from today to follow.
Posted 18 Apr 2018 17:55
Just finishing up our tour of the Brierfield Mill with the lead Architect of the masterplan, Natalie. Seen some amazing spaces inside the 18th century and some great examples of historical restoration!

Now back to the library for a quick introduction to our collaborator In-situ
Posted 18 Apr 2018 11:24
Looking forward to our site visit tomorrow in Brierfield.

07:50 departing from Chorlton Street Bus Station - Bus x43
09:30 Tour of the Northlight Mill by InSitu (our collaborator) and Architect of the redevelopment
11:30 Walking tour of town
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Initial design session at Brierfield Library
17:00 Time off in Brierfield
18:50 Bus back to Manchester - Bus x43

- DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THE PPE (hard hats and hi-vis)

It is going to be a sunny day, so don't forget to bring sunglasses, suncream and water.
Posted 17 Apr 2018 12:32
Posted 13 Apr 2018 10:34
It was nice meeting the people who came to our pre-Events meeting! We are really excited and looking forward to the coming weeks!

This week we are going to test our material palette, moving towards placing an order just in time before the Events programme begins!

As always, watch this space to stay updated!
Posted 8 Apr 2018 20:03
Posted 7 Apr 2018 20:35
Posted 6 Apr 2018 14:25
A revisit to the clearing out of the 'garage' in Brierfield.


We have arranged for the lead architect of the Mill development to give us a tour on the 18th April!
Posted 6 Apr 2018 14:23
We have finally got round to introducing ourselves, better late than never guys!

We have had quite the hectic week, organising material chooses and planning some of the early conceptual design workshops you will be taking part in. Keep your eyes peeled for any further updates in the coming days.
Posted 6 Apr 2018 09:25
Quick meeting!

We met as a group to finalise risk assessment, liability letter and our group time schedule. Some changes were made from last meeting in terms of material and construction parameters. We had a meeting with the coordinator and got loads of feedback to work on. The project preparation is going smoothly and we all looking forward to seeing you all!
Posted 21 Mar 2018 13:39
Hey Guys,
Just a reminder that the first meet and greet meeting is on Wednesday at 11am in studio CH713. Looking forward to seeing everyone :)
Posted 19 Mar 2018 16:08
Morning meeting!

We have spent the morning drafting some possible design outcomes which allowed us to finalise our brief. Keep your eyes peeled for our introductory email which will include the brief itself and details of where and when our first get together will be.

Look forward to meeting you all!
Posted 14 Mar 2018 11:38
We are currently going through compiling the 'brief' and 'timetable' for the 2-week workshop.

We are also in constant communication with our collaborator and some possible sponsors in an attempt to secure a budget which we believe will really push the idea into implementation, and help create something of value for the community.
Posted 6 Mar 2018 09:19
Group 5 keeps moving on!

Meeting today with Becky and the Technical Services Team, talking over our Risk Assessment form. It all looks good and positive!

We then got together and split the BA students into 3 groups, all led with 1 or 2 MArch students. Each group is task with designing a proposal for the pop-up outdoor cinema ticket booth and entrance, during Days 1-2 of the workshop.

We are now working on drafting a detailed Timetable for all days and activities.
Posted 27 Feb 2018 14:53
Great meeting today!

We prepared the risk assessment and started drafting the timetable of the design and build workshop.

There is a great momentum and we are all very excited!
Posted 21 Feb 2018 20:51
Great news!

We have managed to secure a space in the 'Quad' (outdoor area on the ground floor, by the workshops), for our building and making.

Posted 14 Feb 2018 15:28