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Meet Shiv!


'Hi, I’m Shiv! I’m from Sri Lanka and moved to good ol’ Manchester to study architecture and never left. During my year in industry, I worked at BCA Landscape, who are a Liverpool based Landscape Architecture practice. The project I most enjoyed working on was a large themed play area as a part of the islands project for Chester Zoo, which was an amazing experience. Despite being back on an architecture course, I am interested in the design and organisation of the surrounding landscape in addition to the architecture.'

Posted 17 Feb 2018 11:58
Meet Rosie!

'Hi, I’m Rosie and I am looking forward to meeting you all for our events project! I am new to Manchester School of Architecture this year after studying for my undergraduate degree at Leicester School of Architecture as part of De Montfort University. After this I took two years out working at a residential practice in London where I mainly worked on high end residential projects. I loved the time I spent at work as seeing drawings become a reality through construction is what really excites me about architecture. I am currently part of CIA and really enjoy the challenge of designing projects based on a realistic brief that could easily become reality. I am really excited about our events project and the opportunity to combine art and architecture. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!'

Posted 15 Feb 2018 21:16
Productive meeting at Cheetam Hill with representative from the Wai Yin Community Centre and Leandro Minuchin this morning. Site preparations underway ready for events weeks.

Check out the grin on Leo's face..
Posted 15 Feb 2018 15:56
Managed to book our space for Events!

We shall be installing the scheme in the Benzie building over the course of the events programme! It will be a fantastic opportunity for people to engage with the event and interact with everyone involved!

Can't think of anywhere better!
Posted 14 Feb 2018 18:07
Great news!

We have managed to secure a space in the 'Quad' (outdoor area on the ground floor, by the workshops), for our building and making.

Posted 14 Feb 2018 15:28
Meet Nick!


'Hey! I'm Nick and I'm really excited to be part of Art x Paradise. Originally from London, I completed my Part I at the University of Edinburgh, which I absolutely loved. In my placement year, I had two jobs. Firstly, I worked for Weston Williamson + Partners, an award-winning architecture practice, specialising in infrastructure, urban regeneration and place making in the UK and abroad. Here, I worked primarily on Paddington Crossrail Station. Secondly, I worked for Charcoalblue LLP, which is an innovative theatre and acoustics consultancy firm; this gave me the opportunity to combine my love of architecture and theatre. I am currently in USE and enjoy design that focuses on iterative production, model making, and alternative theory. I look forward to meeting you soon!'

Posted 14 Feb 2018 12:38
Meet Sandhya!


'Heyyy – I’m Sandhya. I’m from Nottingham and I did my undergraduate degree at Manchester. During my year out, I worked for Leonard Design Architects, who are a design-led architectural practice with offices in London, Nottingham, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. The practice’s work varies in typology and scale: from the masterplanning of city centres to the design of one off boutique retail units. I worked predominantly on a range of residential projects, which included apartments, private homes and mixed-use masterplanning. The atelier that I am currently in is USE. I love combining architecture with art and having the chance to test the boundaries of traditional architectural discourse. I love being creative through painting, drawing and making. Working with the artists at Paradise works will be such an exciting process – I can’t wait!'

Posted 13 Feb 2018 19:48


Today, we had a meeting at PARADISE WORKS and started to plan out your 9 days in detail. We are really excited about the way everything comes together.

Posted 13 Feb 2018 19:45
Highly insightful lecture and panel interviews from the 'WOAH: without a home' event.
It explored the issues of homelessness, Kurt Schwitters and the themes around his Merz Barn in Cumbria.
Posted 12 Feb 2018 10:02
Interesting topics discussed at 'WOAH' lecture. Some points to consider for our event
Posted 9 Feb 2018 12:28
With the intro out of the way, it's time to begin!

Hope you all enjoyed the presentations and got the necessary information. If you found our event interesting, but still have some questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Looking forward to seeing you!
Posted 8 Feb 2018 11:04
If anyone has questions or queries in regards to our 1:1 workshop then please contact us here:
Posted 8 Feb 2018 08:40
FUNDING NOW SECURED! Thanks to Leandro Minuchin. The University of Manchester's Social Responsibility Division has pledged funding towards our proposed project.

Imaged sourced from:
Posted 7 Feb 2018 18:05
Snapshot from our recent meeting with the Wai Yin Community Centre (Cheetham Hill) and Leandro Minuchin. The design was met with great response and agreed, with both staff and community.

If anyone has any questions regarding the project before the postcard deadline, please feel free to drop us a message:
Posted 6 Feb 2018 22:53

#SAYHELLO pt. ll

Also check out PARADISE WORKS Instagram:

Stay tuned for more informations about our program before and during the Events-Week, we are working on some fun ideas!

Posted 6 Feb 2018 18:36
Brainstorming session well underway!
Posted 6 Feb 2018 12:12
Thanks to everyone that made the Events Presentations last week! If you couldn't find us and have any questions, get in touch!

Posted 5 Feb 2018 19:02
And we're off! Introductions done, we are now preparing our brief and getting things in place ready for events week. We will keep the blog updated with regular posts so keep an eye out for more content.

If anyone has any questions before Friday's postcard deadline, let us know: /
Posted 5 Feb 2018 14:33
Q&A from prospective students
Posted 2 Feb 2018 16:26
Presenting our project's introduction to the BA1 and BA2 students
Posted 2 Feb 2018 16:25
First meeting with Ian Hunter from the Littoral Arts Trust. The discussion involved: the itinerary for the events week, future collaborators and potential avenues for the project's development.
Posted 2 Feb 2018 15:16
The masterplan of the £32m Northlight Mill redevelopment site in Brierfield. In red is the site of the Creative Studio and pop-up cinema.
Posted 1 Feb 2018 22:56
Exterior of The Garage, the pop-up studio is going to be placed where all the furniture is currently placed.
Posted 1 Feb 2018 22:49
Clearing out The Garage in Brierfield to make way for the new Creative Studio. The Pop-up cinema will be located just outside the entrance of the studio.
Posted 1 Feb 2018 22:47
This is the current state of The Cornerhouse. Abandoned and waiting to be demolished. It was once full with colours.
Posted 1 Feb 2018 21:12
Festival & Brief have been officially confirmed by our collaborator - Decordia Events!

Unfortunately we can't tell you the name as we've been asked to keep it confidential....but the installation will be a big centre-peice(!) at an even bigger festival!!!

(May or may not be hints in the poster 🤔)
Posted 1 Feb 2018 17:11


Just finished presenting our events program.
If you want to know more about PARADISE WORKS, check out:

Posted 1 Feb 2018 16:29
Our agenda is to reach out to the homeless community in Greater Manchester and support initiatives and efforts by Mustard Tree, a charity organisation providing support to those in need, through the idea of mobility. The project should also be a medium of social enrichment, giving our group the opportunity to listen, interact and support the homeless in Manchester through volunteering, interactions and contributions.
Posted 31 Jan 2018 19:28
Festival Installation has been commissioned by Decordia Events to design a centre-piece installation for a major Manchester-based festival during the summer of 2018. The project will design and build an installation that will be exhibited over the coming years with the potential for thousands to view it. We require a team who are willing to work outdoors and keen to learn new skills. This installation will be a great addition to your skill set and allow you to develop a diverse portfolio whilst attaining the satisfaction of taking part in a project that will be on show to the general public!
Please note there will be no access to the festival as part of this project.
Posted 31 Jan 2018 12:51
NEW poster uploaded with design proposal featured. For further details on the design process intended, please see embedded hyperlink or follow the link below. Design developed by Y5 MArch Prefigurative Architecture students.
Posted 31 Jan 2018 01:12


We are starting to plan out the 9-day program in more detail.

Posted 30 Jan 2018 23:24
Our event agenda is to celebrate the history of the iconic Cornerhouse, through creative future repurposing and further raise public awareness. Students’ outputs will be exhibited in the Cornerhouse, providing a platform for the public to reflect and contemplate on the proposed development of Cornerhouse before it becomes too late.
Posted 21 Jan 2018 20:42
Our event agenda is to celebrate the history of the iconic Cornerhouse, through creative future repurposing and further raise public awareness. Students’ outputs will be exhibited in the Cornerhouse, providing a platform for the public to reflect and contemplate on the proposed development of Cornerhouse before it becomes too late.
Posted 21 Jan 2018 20:27
The Sir Samuel Kelly Project is a ‘live project’ aiming to align the design and building process for a new boat shelter with active research workshops involving ESALA and Queens University Belfast. This joint collaboration from both institutions aims to continue the historical significance of the Sir Samuel Kelly.

The new shelter aims not only to reduce the corrosive processes of weathering that threaten the boat’s future, but they also aim to create a new public interpretation space for the town to raise the profile of the longer term project and display the wider maritime heritage of Donaghadee.
Posted 21 Jan 2018 15:41
Posted 17 Jan 2018 14:28