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Group 01 Re-Engagement

Agenda: Re-engagement is an event focusing on the relationship between families and the city centre of Manchester. The workshop will aim to address the notable lack of public involvement within the city centre by developing an interactive element in a well-situated space. Collaborator: DLA Design, is a multidisciplinary practice based in Manchester (with other offices in Leeds and London). They are currently helping us to develop the brief and will be supporting and advising us throughout the project. Production: We will hopefully be conducting an initial investigation with the aid of local schools into how children perceive their city centre spatially and physically and how they think it can be improved. The two weeks will consist of the initial formalisation of the outputs of the children into more coherent representations of their ideas produced by the members of our group. They will then be presented as a series of interactive exhibition boards/presentations through a public thoroughfare in the city centre TBC, aimed at engaging children and by extension their parents with the final arrangement and assembly to be part of the initial design week. Craft: Over the two weeks of the event, we hope that you will develop your ability to represent ideas through drawings, models and digital media however abstract; physical modelling; spatial understanding and ability to communicate with the general public. // Download Poster