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Day 10//
Leo giving an opening speech at the event. We had the people around the welcome centre and the community visiting the exhibition. We also had great conversations with the community and some engineers.
Posted 1 May 2018 22:21
Day 10//
Set up for the exhibition at 2pm! We are all very excited.
Posted 1 May 2018 22:20
Day 6//
Details of the base, the connections in beween with flat plates and also the securing of plastic sheets.
We are very proud with what we have so far! It has been a very humbling experience.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:35
Day 6//
Finally done with the base! We were very happy with it. We're experimenting with the plastic sheet for waterproofing,
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:34
Day 6//
It has been raining quite heavily for the past few days. We actually made a shade so we could work while it rained without getting drenched. Dismantaling the pallets are also super hard work! We had to asked for advice from the experienced volunteers from the welcome centre, and they've been nothing but kind with their knowledge.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:33
Day 5//
Continuing with assembling the floor today. Learning more and more each day!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:29
Day 3//
Here we have the 3x3 pallet shed in 1:20 scale. We have another 2, which is 2x2 and 6x3 pallet shed. Onwards to 1:1 scale! We're all pretty excited for it.
Posted 22 Apr 2018 23:35
Day 3//
We've completed our three study model to understand the scalability of the shed. The next activity would be experimenting on the shed itself!
Posted 22 Apr 2018 23:34
We've already reserved hard hats, safety gloves, safety goggles and high vis vest for you for the coming week on site!

As we are taking on manual labour so please do remember to wear suitable clothing and steel toe cap boots for on-site construction. Please do wear comfortable and warm clothing as you will be working outdoors. For boys and girls with long hair, do remember to bring hair ties to keep your hair out of the way.
Posted 17 Apr 2018 18:34
Hi beautiful folks!
Here we have our session plan for the events week, with an exhibition at the end of the week.
If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Just contact us through our FB group! (Link has been sent to you via email a few weeks ago!)
Posted 20 Mar 2018 23:34
Name | RouAnn Chen
Atelier | QED
Experience | ZLG Design
CKPM Project Management
John Koh Architects (Malaysia)

Bio | Iím from a tropical country called Malaysia. My hobby includes cooking, film, travelling and art. Iím also passionate about green architecture. I always believe that in this day and age, with global warming on the rise, and since architecture is a huge part of the everyday life, we should start from designing buildings that improve in the environment, I.e. zero carbon buildings. Hence Iím very passionate about our project as it made use recycled materials. Ecstatic to be working with you!
Posted 20 Mar 2018 15:40
Work Schedule for our events week.
Posted 12 Mar 2018 11:34
We've met with Leandro to discuss the funding. We are happy to announce that we were awarded sponsorship from the University of Manchester.

We also met with Mark, from the centre to discuss the logistics. The above is the site that we will be working on. We are looking to gather materials in the next few weeks.
Posted 23 Feb 2018 16:16