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Combination of coloured lighting and internal strobe really set the installation alight!
Posted 8 May 2018 08:43
The coloured uplighters really change the aesthetic of the installation. We're really looking forward to using UV lights to bring out the full effects of the UV reactive cord!
Posted 2 May 2018 19:51
As promised - Shots of the installation lit up using the lighting from dbn Audile!

The projected colours add the final element in delivering our original proposal and render to the festival.
Posted 2 May 2018 15:08
Big thank you dbn audile for lending us some RGB uplighters and a strobe to experiment with the installation last night. After waiting for the sun to set we were able to completely change the aesthetic of the installation using the equipment.

More to follow....... 🎇
Posted 1 May 2018 14:38
Final delivery of the perforated, branded Blue Dot Festival panel arrived today!
Posted 30 Apr 2018 19:22
After drilling holes into the acrylic spheres, the team secured them along the rubber cords.

The way the spheres catch the light effectively represent the desired effect
Posted 27 Apr 2018 18:02
Hunkering down in the atrium to escape the Mancunian weather.

The team is collating and sharing all of the photos, drawings and documents today in order to bring them together for the video and portfolios
Posted 27 Apr 2018 11:07
Continuing the 'Big Bang' from the original concept design, we have been exploring various methods of representing 'stars' within the installation.

We decided on using differing sizes of these clear acrylic spheres!
Posted 27 Apr 2018 09:56
Fixing the additional panel designs to the main Icosahedron frame today while the rain stayed away.

Parts of the grand design are starting to come together...
Posted 27 Apr 2018 08:12
Birthday boy Russell stringing up the UV cord, ensuring the correct lengths have been ordered.

The 3mm UV reactive coloured cord isn't cheap so if calculations had been incorrect and more cord needed to be ordered, a hefty chunk of the budget would have been lost.

Fortunately Russell's calculations were spot on!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 23:51
The team have been churning out the designs over the past couple of days.

All of this on top of the reconfiguration proposals (for future interpretations of the installation when used at festivals) that they will be presenting to Decordia tomorrow!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 22:51
A selection of the team's personalised designs for their 'sub-divided' panels. Fantastic creativitiy through variation in design, colour and combination of materials whilst being limited in size and choice of materials too.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 22:26
Work in progress installing the UV cord. Slowly coming together!

Follow the link below to have a nosy:
Posted 25 Apr 2018 14:19
The team pushing forward creating their diverse individual designs!
Posted 24 Apr 2018 22:34
Kimberly and Jing cracking on with marking out, cutting, sanding, drilling and screwing timber triangles for the sub-divded panel...

...possibly with the occassional bit of wood filler
Posted 24 Apr 2018 22:24
The BA1&2 students continued to work over the weekend...

...Here is a selection of the various creative designs the team produced
Posted 23 Apr 2018 21:38
Assembling the structural frame this afternoon!
Posted 23 Apr 2018 20:14
Initial sketch designs by the group for their personalised, Sub-divided panels!
Posted 20 Apr 2018 12:47
A selection of paper Icosahedrons by the team to help understand the design form
Posted 20 Apr 2018 11:31
With the Festival's theme - Science & Outer Space..... the actual spacecraft that brought Tim Peake back to Earth in 2016 should provide some inspiration!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:08
The use and effects of light is an important factor in the brief - The textiles exhibition was a perfect display for precedents!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 16:59
Thursday 19.04

A glorious day to visit the Museum of Science & Industry!

Seeking inspiration from the exhibits including forms, patterns and textures which will be carried forward into the students proposals
Posted 19 Apr 2018 16:29
Laser-cutting a combination of clear, frosted and opaque white sections which will be personalised by the BA1&2 students and form one of the main Icosahedron panels!
Posted 19 Apr 2018 16:22
5 days to go until Events week starts!

Phil, our fabricator has been busy good progress making the structural frame this week. We're looking forward to seeing it finished!

Also a reminder to keep an eye on your emails as we will be sending the programme over very soon along with some items you will need to bring with you during events.
Posted 13 Apr 2018 14:09
We’ve had some samples delivered!

As you will have seen from the previous post with our sketch model, we are incorporating string/cord into our design in a combination of ways. Due to being on show day and night at the festival, we are exploring the use of UV reactive products and lighting to create a more interesting and stimulating installation.
Posted 12 Mar 2018 09:24
Ahead of our meeting with Decordia & Phil (fabricator) on Monday, we have been working to make sure we can provide as much information and detail as possible to communicate our ideas and designs.

Sometimes a rough and quick physical-model (like this one) can demonstrate an idea much more effectively than a series of drawings or CAD models.
Posted 11 Mar 2018 12:29
Big news!

Thrilled to confirm our collaborator has had the sign-off and approval of our design with the Festival!!

This means we can really push on with materials, costing and detailing. We have been researching and exploring various possible materials to use (with samples on their way!) as well as how the BA 1st & 2nd years will be able to have their own personalized design inputs into the installation!

We have another meeting booked in for next week with Decordia, and hopefully a fabricator, so we can thrash out any structural or manufacturing issues whilst clarifying and confirm the final design.

It's been said before and will definitely be said again but genuinely exciting things are happening!
Posted 7 Mar 2018 11:15
Cracking on planning out the timetable, we've been working hard to ensure we've packed in as much as possible whilst keeping activities varied, interesting, and engaging for the whole team.

The team are also happy to announce our collaborator from Decordia will be dropping in during the project to see how it's progressing as well as some design presentations from the first & second years!

We're expecting the events weeks to be hard work but it will result in some very satisfying and tangible rewards for both the team as a whole and each member!
Posted 4 Mar 2018 15:32
Following on from the productive meeting with our collaborator last week, we've certainly kept the ball rolling!

Whilst refining our design, we are collecting quotes for our shortlisted materials. By doing so, this has enabled us to put together a list of activities and potential hazards that may come about whilst using these materials for the risk assessment. Not the most glamorous of tasks but an essential and very important one to ensure the team will be working safely!

In the background we are also producing a 3D CAD model. This will initially aid our collaborator in further understanding the design in terms of aesthetics and form, whilst later providing us with accurate working dimensions for construction!
Posted 26 Feb 2018 19:18
The incorporation of light is a key part of our brief, as the installation will need to really stand out during the night!

We visited the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford this weekend to spark some more ideas as to how we could use and manipulate light onto, within and/or from our piece, potentially creating different view-ports providing varied effects!

Some interesting and exciting ideas developing!
Posted 26 Feb 2018 19:04
Festival & Brief have been officially confirmed by our collaborator - Decordia Events!

Unfortunately we can't tell you the name as we've been asked to keep it confidential....but the installation will be a big centre-peice(!) at an even bigger festival!!!

(May or may not be hints in the poster 🤔)
Posted 1 Feb 2018 17:11
Festival Installation has been commissioned by Decordia Events to design a centre-piece installation for a major Manchester-based festival during the summer of 2018. The project will design and build an installation that will be exhibited over the coming years with the potential for thousands to view it. We require a team who are willing to work outdoors and keen to learn new skills. This installation will be a great addition to your skill set and allow you to develop a diverse portfolio whilst attaining the satisfaction of taking part in a project that will be on show to the general public!
Please note there will be no access to the festival as part of this project.
Posted 31 Jan 2018 12:51