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Group 03 focused on organ donation as a specialism of care. The groups proposal looked at converting the existing owens park tower into a new carer hotel. The group produced some well thought out design proposals and some impressive visualisations
Posted 7 May 2018 11:14
Group 02 focused on dementia as a specialism of care. The group formulate a thorough proposal which transformed the existing toast rack site into a new care hotel. The group produced some detailed plans which really impressed Pozzoni architects.
Posted 7 May 2018 11:10
Group 01 focused on Maternity as a specialism of Care. The group formulated a fantastic new build proposal, which sparked really interesting discussions with Pozzoni architects.
Posted 7 May 2018 11:09
Final Group A1 Presentation Boards, Exhibited at Pozzoni Architects. The groups did a fantastic job in formulating final design proposals. The work will be exhibited at Pozzoni's office in Altrincham for the next few weeks...
Posted 7 May 2018 11:06
The exhibition was very interactive, with the folding booklets and models being an interesting topic of conversation.

Pozzoni architects and the students had some really interesting ideas to discuss following all the hard work....
Posted 30 Apr 2018 22:06
Ahead of tomorrow's exhibition at Pozzoni's Office in Altrincham, please ensure you all arrive at 10:30 at MSA (room 809) to prepare the final touches to the exhibition pieces.

In the afternoon we shall be travelling via the tram network to set up and exhibit your work, so please ensure you have your tram tickets/far ready (this will cost approximately 4.70).

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Posted 29 Apr 2018 21:30
*book making*
In preparation for Monday's exhibition, the groups started to collate their concept and development sketches into presentations books....
Posted 28 Apr 2018 18:03
Yesterday, Pozzoni we're very impressed with the development of the schemes. The teams showcased their work so far covering, drawings research and models.

Now the teams will progress with the final presentations for Monday's exhibition...
Posted 27 Apr 2018 11:19
Today, the team made really good progress with their schemes. in preparation for their presentations to Pozzoni tomorrow, they also worked on key diagrams in explaining their proposals.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 23:28
Tomorrow we will be working in a different location. We will be at the John Dalton Building in Room E246, so please allow for additional travel time.

We look forward to another successful day...
Posted 24 Apr 2018 22:10
Tomorrow we will be meeting in a different location, so please ensure you allow for additional travel time. The session will take place at 70 Oxford Street at LB.07, which is approximately a 10 minute walk from Manchester School of Architecture.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 22:06
Group Two are currently developing a scheme specifically for people following a stroke and trauma.
Following this mornings review with Pozzoni, the group have worked hard to develop initial concept designs for the site which were presented to the group for further feedback at the end of the day.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 21:32
After the initial board swapping, groups continued to work on ideas and drawings to present at the end of the day...
Posted 22 Apr 2018 18:49
Groups were then asked to swap boards to share their research with one another. This is vital within the group to ensure teams work with one another, sharing ideas and advice.
Posted 22 Apr 2018 18:47
As the research became quite substantial, the team then began to formulate it all together into a presentation.

Working under such a short timescale was designed to teach the group how to work collaboratively under pressure.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 16:35
The entire team worked extremely hard to help each other with the research, and in particularly how this could be applied to a site.

We also had fun networking with each other, which is an important skill to learn within practice.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 16:33
Throughout the course of the day the groups worked hard together, formulating their initial findings.

As a team we taught them how the project would be applied to a professional project, within an architectural practice.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 16:31
*Meeting Notes*
Today's meeting notes are essential when considering the issues arising around the ca[re] sector.

Going forward please consider the 'issues' and 'focus' highlighted by Pozzoni Architects, to get the most out of your proposal.

Don't forget we are meeting at 10:30 at the Benzie cafe in MSA
Posted 18 Apr 2018 20:40
Ahead of tomorrows programme. The team list is now revealed...

Each team will be working on a different site to research and develop concepts, ahead of Mondays presentation to Pozzoni Architects.

We look forward to seeing your ideas.....
Posted 18 Apr 2018 20:33
The ca[re]generation embarked on the journey to Pozzoni's office via the tram network. Travelling as a team provided a great team bonding exercise....
Posted 18 Apr 2018 15:20
Welcome to the ca[re]generation team...
This morning we met the team at the Benzie Cafe at MSA. We commenced the event with reading the risk assessment to all the students before embarking on our journey to Pozzoni's Office, in Altrincham
Posted 18 Apr 2018 15:16
We hope you are all excited for the commencement of events tomorrow.
Ahead of this weeks activities, please ensure you are all on time and have the correct equipment with you.
Tomorrow we will be visiting Pozzoni's office in Altringham, so please ensure you are all on time *8:30 at Benzie Cafe*
we look forward to working with you...
Posted 17 Apr 2018 18:20
We hope your all excited about events commencing this week, on Wednesday the 18th. It is very important that you are on time as we shall be kicking off the week at Pozzoni's office in Altringham.
Ensure you meet coordinators, Matt, Hollie and Jamie by 9:15 at the Benzie cafe at MSA, then the group shall be travelling to Altringham via the tram network, (tickets will cost approximately 4.70 return) Please ensure you all wear appropriate clothing and bring your cameras, sketchbooks and drawing equipment.
We look forward to meeting you all
Posted 15 Apr 2018 17:20
As part of our social media launch. Ca[re]generation would like to invite you to Atelier USE 'Art and Architecture' symposium on Thursday the 15th of march, 2 pm at sandbar. There will be a range of architects and artist , so will be an ideal source of inspiration for our events project. Hop you can all make it...
Posted 9 Mar 2018 16:12
Hello All. I'm Emily, i'm 23 from South Wales. I've recently joined MSA, originally studying at Leeds. Over the past few years I've mainly worked in the commercial sector, with additional experience in healthcare and residential. At MSA i'm currently in Atelier USE extremely interested in challenging the norm if architectural language. I'm really looking forward to working with you all....
Posted 27 Feb 2018 08:50