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Separating the cards in different groups and parceling them up in envelopes for next Monday Community Engagement.
Posted 27 Apr 2018 16:18
Final step for the Cards----cutting it in binding room. The Y1 and Y2 got a chance to practice their binding skills while this Event, and they did a great job!
Posted 27 Apr 2018 06:06
After the round table meeting, students were encouraged to share their interests and ideas from the presentation with the invited academics. Some of their questions, ranging from co-housing design to housing policies, were further discussed. Everyone learned a lot from this great discussion.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:29
Finally, we had a short lunch break after preparing the room. Can't wait for the round table discussion!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:18
We arranged the meeting room for afternoon round table discussions. To provide invited speakers with the possibility to present digital materials, we tested the screen facilities. Besides, we also prepared the coffee, tea and snacks for guests.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:10
We had the final meeting before the tomorrow round table discussions, taking place in the Corner House in Manchester. All the different tasks that need to be finished before the actual event were distributed between the undergraduate and fifth year students. They include setting up the required equipment, organising small refreshment stand and preparing the space. The planned discussions will be recorded and eventually presented in the final exhibition on the 2nd of May.
Posted 24 Apr 2018 20:21
Today, we finally established all the activities that will be happening during the Community Engagement event, due next Monday. The invited people will have an opportunity to see the short film introducing MSAp PS1 projects and PHASE research, as well as participate in activities with the help of the students. The schedule includes playing co-housing game ‘Create Your Perfect House’ and taking part in a spatial capacity survey. Through these activities, we intent to determine the current living conditions of old people in Manchester and present the possible solutions for improved accommodation.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 20:30
Using yesterday's outcomes from MSAP PS1 to create an activity for the old people in Community Engagement Event which is called 'Create Your Perfect House'. We have produced some of them to test the game with undergraduate students.
Posted 20 Apr 2018 14:46
Preparing the main design characteristics of co-housing projects from MSAP atelier. The gathered information will be further included in the design of the board game, played during the Community Engagement meeting.
Posted 19 Apr 2018 17:49
Tool induction done, time to begin the curation of the exhibition!
Posted 18 Apr 2018 17:30
Introduction of our client - Southway Housing Trust, South Manchester’s largest social housing provider. We will continue to collaborate with Southway Housing Trust during the Events. And we are looking forward to meeting and working together with you all!
Posted 11 Mar 2018 10:29