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And the final exhibition was capped off with a brilliant summarising talk by our mentor and leader Dr Leandro Minuchin. His passion for this amazing Welcome Centre has really inspired us as a team and we look forward to returning in the summer to help with further exciting projects he has in line.

His presentation spoke of the economical challenges institutes such as the Wai Yin Society face when developing their facilities and encouraged us that this project has succeeded in challenging the policies and conditions that impose such issues.

We cant wait to continue to support the great work he does!
Posted 2 May 2018 00:45
Today was not just about the build and subjects that we have been looking at reaching out to the community about as a team. Today was also about spending one last afternoon with the centre and its community before wrapping up for Events18.

Some of our team, like Matt here, had the chance to work with one of the locals who has taken up a recent interest in painting whilst visiting the centre.
Posted 2 May 2018 00:37
It has been a busy final couple of days on site here at the Wai Yin Welcome Centre as we reach the climax of the project. Yesterday was spent putting the final touches to the shelter before today's final closing event.

Eve here had the privileged of placing the final bottle brick within the timber pallet structure. Its one of around 450 bottle bricks (900 bottles) that we have recycled and used for the build!
Posted 2 May 2018 00:34
As the week has continued on site, the återvinna team and the welcome centre community have continued to build a relationship we hope will continue long after the build is over.

We have been; treated to some brilliant food produced within their grounds, given guided tours of the chicken coupe and vegetable sheds, and even had our portraits painted by one of the locals. And this is to name just a few!

We cant thank the centre enough for offering an experience to the team not only focused around construction project and hope the diverse nature of the centre's activities have been as inspiring to the students as they have to us!
Posted 28 Apr 2018 20:08
As you can tell by this happy looking chap, today we managed to complete the insulation and waterproofing of our little pod!

Its been a really productive day, with some great teamwork and commitment from our återvinna members who really do seem to be embracing the local community we work amongst everyday at the Wai Yin Centre.
Posted 26 Apr 2018 20:22
Another successful day on site and the build is really coming along! The team have braved all matter of weather (including today's short hail storm) to get to this point and we are well on schedule to finish in time!

Lets hope for some sunshine to see us out!
Posted 25 Apr 2018 22:21
The MSA students did not rest in getting antiquated with the staff and patrons on their first day on site in Cheetham. Amina here even got a personal tour around the Wai Yin Centre's very own chicken community!

It has been great to see everyone working together and getting to know each other as we make the centre our home for the next week!
Posted 23 Apr 2018 23:37
First day today. Great talk from Leandro discussing our role within Prefigurative Architectures and big thank you to Mark Greenwood from the Wai Yin Welcome Center for coming down and meeting the group!
Posted 18 Apr 2018 23:56
Amazing continued support from local companies as we continue to source material for the build! We are well under way now and our materials stockpile is building up at the Wai Yin Welcome Centre.
Posted 15 Mar 2018 08:21
Name: Sean Martin
Atelier: MSAp
Graduated: University of Nottingham
Experience: Scott Brownrigg, London
Bio: Attempted to be a musician but failed. Attempted to play rugby but failed. I now stick to marathon running, a bit of travelling and navigating this architecture thing.
Posted 12 Mar 2018 12:38
Snapshot from our recent meeting with the Wai Yin Community Centre (Cheetham Hill) and Leandro Minuchin. The design was met with great response and agreed, with both staff and community.
Posted 8 Mar 2018 00:20
FUNDING NOW SECURED! Thanks to Leandro Minuchin. The University of Manchester's Social Responsibility Division has pledged funding towards our proposed project.

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Posted 7 Feb 2018 18:05