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(Day 10 of Events)
With the last minute finishing touches being added to the pod, we conclude the events week, with our event exhibiting the project to members of the community and the center.
It has been nice to speak to some of the community centers members and agree that this project has not only been a brilliant opportunity for Manchester School of Architecture to physically engage in constructing a design but also to work so close to their client and users, thereby forming a catalyst for potentially new spaces of inhabitation for those in need.

During the 1960ís and 70ís radical one radical group occupied a piece of land, which was only for single occupancy developments with multiple occupancies. Although against regulations at the time, with the great designs and efficiency in their sustainable methodologies of living, they proved successful and somewhere even granted to stay.
Its projects like these, which could defy regulations of our current culture, that can fight against the restriction to help those really in need, by proving they are functional and feasible.
Posted 7 May 2018 21:01
(Day 9 of Events)
We have had some further interest and engagement from the surrounding community as they are able to see the more finishing touches of the space constructed and installed. It is a great opportunity for both our events group and the first and second-year students to engage with the users and hear their thoughts.

As designers, when working with a client on more public orientated projects, often the chance to engage with who will really be using these spaces can be missed, and this is a great chance for both ourselves and the lower years to be exposed to this so early in our careers.
Posted 7 May 2018 21:00
(Day 9 of Events)
It was a successful day today in sourcing the last bit of free carpet from a very generous carpet distributor for the pods internal cladding system, and thereís nothing like a rich chocolate brown to make the space feel that little bit cozier. However, it has been a shame to see the raw and beautiful array of exposed timber structure from the palettes and very well organized and fitted milk bottles covered over.
Posted 7 May 2018 20:59
(Day 8 of Events)
Today we began the sizing and cutting for the carpets to form the internal cladding of the pod. The students managed very well following the directions of our team, as well as yet again being recorded for our short film time-lapse.
We would like to thank the community center for being very patient and accommodating for our work within the center in the warm and out of the rain to continue on schedule ready for the weekend, which also required some creative construction with an umbrella and my clothing to protect the camera from the rain.
Posted 7 May 2018 20:58
(Day 7 of Events)
Recording all the hard work continues on site today, as we follow some of the projects through itís continuing development. It is a great opportunity to not only overlook some of the project's progress, but also observe the reactions and interactions of our events team and the visiting community members, who have offered nothing but interest and eyes of excitement.

In addition, some changes have been made to the bottles insulation method. The water has been removed due to the milk bottles being prone to leaking, however, they will still be able to fulfill some of the insulating abilities, that could provide further adaption and expansion upon in further prototypes; if taken on by other community centers or societies alike.
Posted 7 May 2018 20:57
(Day 7 of Events)
In addition to our events team keeping the students well engaged in the construction, we are also ensuring they continue their excellent example of wearing the appropriate PPE on site at all times, making sure we meet the criteria outline in our very lengthy risk assessment, but mainly protecting theirs and one anotherís safety.
Posted 7 May 2018 20:57
(Day 6 of Events)
Having my first day on site it was great to see most of the main structure had already been constructed.
As well as the continuation of building the structure, we also undertook the second delivery of bottle to be fill and sealed with water, to create the igloo-like system that will enable the space to stay warm in the winter, as well as hold the colder temperatures from the night in the summer, much like the thermal gains we can see in concrete.
The first and second years got on brilliantly, almost finishing an entire walls worth.
Posted 7 May 2018 20:56
(Day 5 of Events)
Another great day of hard work with the Events team and our artist Tom. Not only have they managed to work through drawing on two full panels, but also began another two.

In regards to architecture, art can often have a very powerful message and not always directly, in-directly too, by forming an indirect message that can target ones sub-conscious thinking for potential later reflection or activism.
Posted 7 May 2018 20:55
The Wai Yin Community Centre: Client and User
Established in 1988, the Society has been supporting Manchester's Chinese Community and other ethnic minority groups through a range of projects, events and other means of support

One such project, which the Wai Yin community Centre and our Events group are aiming to raise awareness for, is potential emergency living spaces, which could enable the community centre to house people who have been made homeless and without awareness to the means available to them, where by this temporary accommodation could be used to house vulnerable people overnight; in addition to their other means of support.
Of such, are providing support and advice in seeking the adequate financial aid, advice and helping find communities to become integrated within.

These spaces could enable to the community centre an additional stepping stones to getting these people of the streets and back into a safer environment, more efficiently.
Posted 24 Apr 2018 10:53
We've had a great start this Monday! After getting some awesome footage of the 1st and 2nd years as they get stuck into painting the (very mancunian) yellow base of the Manchester skyline ready for Tom's medallion art outline to go on, we have also recorded a time lapses of all the hard work and caught some lovely pictures too; which means the stock pile of material for our film is coming along well.

Additionally, it was also a lovely chance to get to properly meet some of our Events team, as well as meeting Tom for the first time to talk to him about his art work, studies in product design, and possible goals for the future afterwards.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 16:25
[PPE Reminder]

Please make sure you are prepared for the coming Events 18 weeks ahead with all the appropriate clothing for the onsite graft.

You must have all your PPE with you whenever we are scheduled to work onsite, or when we will be undertaking any manual labour during the coming weeks. This will include the following: A hard hat, high visibility vest, protective eye wear, protective gloves and steel toe cap boots (No alternative shoes will be accepted and you will not be allowed to work onsite).

Lastly, the Manchester weather is just worst! So, please make sure you pick clothing that will keep you dry and warm, as well as appropriate for the work, which is comfortable and you aren't afraid to get a bit grubby.
Posted 4 Apr 2018 13:14
Name: Tamsyn Rootsey
Atelier: USE
Graduated: Norwich University of The Arts
Experience: Hudson Architects Ltd. NPS Property Consultants, Norwich
Bio: Avid collager, movie watcher and intense food eater, however Architectures the game, forever looking for inspirations the game (Double pointing fingers)
Posted 16 Mar 2018 12:58