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SWOT analysis of the gallery, measuring and understanding.
Posted 4 May 2017 19:15
Collaborating with the graphic designers, introduction to preparing images for printing.
Posted 4 May 2017 19:11
Introduction to more example pieces by the graphic design artists.
Posted 4 May 2017 19:09
Getting inspired by example prints.
Posted 4 May 2017 19:06
Andy Warhol screen printed, half tone detail.
Posted 4 May 2017 19:05
Precedence of Whitworth Art Gallery and Andy Warhol for gallery curating and screen printing.
Posted 4 May 2017 19:02
Thought it would be nice to mention, congratulations to our collaborators Pic (Platform for Interactive (ex)Change) who won silver award for the SpinAwards Young Talent 2017!

Check out their entry here for more information about their project:
Posted 3 May 2017 15:47
Day 6: Sketch models and component counting
Posted 2 May 2017 15:22
Political Installation team
Posted 2 May 2017 15:21
The donation drop-off installation is finally constructed and in the UoM SU
Posted 2 May 2017 15:21
Posted 2 May 2017 15:19
Making final sketch models to test ideas!
Posted 2 May 2017 15:19
Wood delivery for 1:1 installations!
Posted 2 May 2017 15:18
Day 3: Making models
Posted 2 May 2017 15:17
Day 2: 3D sketch models are coming along to explain our ideas better. Some really nice sketches too. Keep up the good work!
Posted 2 May 2017 15:13
Group Crit brought up some really good questions about materials, connections and scale. It shaping up to be a really interesting build
Posted 2 May 2017 15:13
Day 5: Getting to final design stages. Working through sketchup models, sketches and thinking of dims/connection details
Posted 2 May 2017 15:10
At the presentation lecture about to pitch our event to the 1st and 2nd years!
Posted 2 May 2017 15:08
Week 2 - Fortnight process
Posted 1 May 2017 12:02
Week 1 - Fortnight process
Posted 1 May 2017 12:02
Release these tessellated tunes! Performance time!
Posted 27 Apr 2017 10:29
Devil is in the details! Tessellated Tunes is made from more than 400 individual origami pieces!
Posted 27 Apr 2017 10:28
Another one from before the openig show!
Posted 27 Apr 2017 10:27
Our final shot with the installation! Still up in Night and Day! Please go and see it if you are out and about ! Thanks everyone for working soo hard!
Posted 27 Apr 2017 10:27
Performance time! Tessellated Tunes installation complimenting the show from tonight!
Posted 27 Apr 2017 10:25
To view the outcomes of the projects as well as other event documents please follow the link below:

Documents uploaded onto Issue include:
º Project outcomes
º A5 exhibition handout booklet
º Exhibition presentation
º Events Register
º Research presentations
º Events Programmes
º Project briefs
º Risk Assessment
º Residency Document
º Project Poster
Posted 25 Apr 2017 22:20
Its great to see the rest of the Art School appreciating the good work we are doing as the School of Architecture in the community.
Posted 19 Apr 2017 15:22
Final edit is up! Go check it out at:
Posted 18 Apr 2017 15:28
Final version of the film.

Available at:
Posted 10 Apr 2017 16:01
Final Presentations
Posted 9 Apr 2017 12:51
Huge Thank you to Mustard Tree for all their support with this event and for providing this space for the final presentation. We hope the university will maintain this relationship we have developed with Mustard Tree with next years events program
Posted 9 Apr 2017 12:51
Posted 9 Apr 2017 12:50
Posted 9 Apr 2017 12:49
Posted 9 Apr 2017 12:48
A focus on joints
Posted 9 Apr 2017 12:48
Day 10: We're Open! everyone who can did a great job constructing the exhibition The work looked great too. More images to follow!
Posted 6 Apr 2017 12:45
Day 10: Construction of the exhibition begins, We all take the pre-cut pieces to be put up so that we can hang the work off them
Posted 6 Apr 2017 12:32
We like numbers:
Gross internal floor area = 35m2
Construction cost = £560
Construction cost per m2 = £16/m2
Posted 5 Apr 2017 18:21
Celebrating with lunch after the structures were complete.
Posted 5 Apr 2017 17:57
Some photos from the opening night of Threshold Festival
Posted 5 Apr 2017 17:54
The artists setting up in the structures that we designed. They were really happy with the structures we had designed and were thrilled with what we had created.
Posted 5 Apr 2017 17:53
Close ups of the junctions of structures. A lot of effort was put in in the design stage of the project to create beautiful details for these simple structures.
Posted 5 Apr 2017 17:48
The structures are complete!
Posted 5 Apr 2017 17:44
Once the structures were up, we started draping the fabric that would create the dark enclosed space to house the artwork for Threshold Festival.
Posted 5 Apr 2017 17:41
The team celebrates finishing the frames and the prospect of some post-work refreshing beverages.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 22:55
We have conducted several wobble tests and left them overnight but they remain standing. Relief.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 22:40
The final section of frame being connected to the rest of the structure.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 22:34
The Big Erection. The whole team was needed to lift the frames into place while our professionally trained ladder climbers connected the beams that hold them together.

This is the moment we realised how big it was actually going to be and began a search for longer ladders.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 22:32
The structures comprise of 70 timber planks each which all had to be sanded, drilled and layered up in the correct sequence with the correct size threaded rod connections at each junction. (Our 'modular' system somehow proved remarkably complex). With limited time to complete we had to get both structures on the go at the same time but the undergrads had the confidence to work independently and had the structures ready for erection in no time at all.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 22:24
Threshold Festival have tasked us with building two enclosed spaces to display art installations and hold theatrical performances. We had a modest budget and two and a half days on site to complete construction before the festival kicked off on the Friday. Here we are explaining the design and construction sequence to the undergrads in the cafe at the Northern Lights warehouse venue where some of the festival takes place.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 22:14 - Link to Video

A draft video presentation of the two week event development.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 15:57
With the MIF work finished for the Events weeks we travelled over to Liverpool to start on our next temporary festival project for Threshold Festival. Here we are having a look around Albert Docks, the Baltic Triangle and the derelict Cain's Brewery on Wednesday morning.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 14:09
The 'Timber Frame' group being introduced to the MIF board, festival organisers and designers from OH OK, Ferrious, EXYZT and Practice Architecture. The guys weren't fazed and produced a confident and surprisingly energetic performance. MIF have been in touch to confirm their desire to develop and realise a couple of the designs with the undergrads in the run up to the festival in June.
Posted 3 Apr 2017 11:57
Group 7

Jack Poulton & Mike Ellis

The principle form was derived from the traditional pitched-roof structures of the local area, combined with width restrictions that come with the use of a standard Ifor Williams trailer base. A maximum width of approx. 2.1m is necessary when the shelter is in transit, but creates a narrow, relatively awkward space when stationary.
The concept of the traditional building form splitting in two was deemed to be dramatic enough to become a talking point within the local area and yet still relevant to the local context. The group sought to investigate how such a radical process could work on a technical level, culminating in a working physical model which in turn provided technical parameters for the internal layout.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:14
Group 6

Patricia Bel & Wiktoria Krzekotowska

This project aims to maximise the space within the Hut through the use of foldable furniture, and an opening terrace which folds away from the glazed wall, almost doubling the space. This ‘terrace’ is open to the elements, with a simple foldable roof over the top of it. Sliding doors within the Hut can be used to open up the space completely or to divide the space into two for certain activities and events.
The floor is 45cm deep to allow for storage of furniture and as a perfect height for seating by the expandable table. Information booklets as well as the Cafe tables can be neatly folded away into the floor and underneath them seating and any additional decoration or utensils.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:10
Group 5

Tejin Palan, Matthew Schofield & Flynn Williams

Our approach to the brief of a mobile artist studio was to maximise limited space to create a luxurious, contemporary design. This multifunctional space can be completely opened out for events to invite people and light into the space. When closed it can be shut and sealed to a metal container for security and ease of transition.
The angular form takes advantage of the sites natural resources and beauty framing the stunning views of the surrounding area. To further this the topography of Pendle hill is engraved into the shell of the hut which serve a multifunctional role as rainwater harvesting as well folding out to provide work-stands for events.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:09
Group 4

Rob Makey & Dan Renoso Urmston

Responding to the brief, the proposal takes the concept of shelter and the spirit of Pendle then combines them along a series of axes. The axes are placed along routes and views that are important to the site. Along the axis between the gate and the trig point, the proposal shows a fragmented circle, strategically placed to provide shelter from prevailing winds and rain. The holistic design is prepared as an experiential, phenomenological intervention; creating a dialogue between the user and environment in an original way that heightens perception of the stunning site whilst also providing much needed shelter. Through the careful consideration of composition and the meticulous concern for positioning the design provides a drama that would leave Pendle Hill unparalleled in it’s typology.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:08
Group 3

Srirat Jongsanguandi & Jobey Keene

Design 1 //
This design is based around two opposing yet offset seating shelters dissecting an original section of dry stone wall where the existing ladder is located. The seating is oriented specifically to block the strong winds whilst maintaining views from all positions. A kissing gate has been added at one end in between the two seats. The seating incorporates local sheep’s wool padding to provide comfort in the gabion basket structure, potentially woven by the local community.

Design 2 //
This design is based on placing walls in specific ways to allow circulation of people through the site whilst blocking the strong winds and maintaining the key views. The shelter is made up of several planar elements which when combine form a fragmented series of shelters which is meant to reflected the rugged landscape. The structure uses existing fabrication methods of dry stone walling with embedded timber beams for the roofing. A kissing gate has also been added where the existing ladder has been removed. Various elements of seating have been added to provide rest for walkers in a range of weather conditions.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:07
Group 2

Raghav Garg & Szymon Milczarek

The ideas for our design was greatly influenced by the wind directions, predominantly in the west. The shelter is made in such a way that it will protect the people from wind from all the directions. Because of the high wind speeds, the precipitation would be diagonal, not vertical so the wall will create a barrier eliminating the need for a roof. The organic form of the design was also made in such a way that one end leads towards Fox’s well and the other towards the summit. The walls are at different heights so that when the people arrive there is a view of the valley and the summit, giving an interpretation of the land form.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:06
Group 1
Harry Court, Rachel Emma Waller & Kyra Bachlava

Our design aims to be a modern yet contextual intervention into the landscape providing a destination for walkers and tourists. The project aims to frame both the view out towards Pendle (viewing platform) aswell as the ever changing sky (deer shelter cubby hole). The walls, which will be made from locally sourced stone found on the hillside, are orientated to provide prominence on the footpath whilst also providing the shelter from buffeting wind. This natural stone and subterranean elements will help blend the shelter discretely into the surrounding landscape.
Posted 2 Apr 2017 12:04
Posted 1 Apr 2017 21:02
Posted 1 Apr 2017 21:01
Posted 1 Apr 2017 21:00
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:56
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:56
a5 Exhibition booklets printed, folded and ready for the exhibition later today.
The booklet informs people of the fortnights events as well as introducing the two project briefs and showcasing each of the 7 projects. Each project is represented within the booklet with a key image and a paragraph to explain the concept behind the designs.
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:55
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:52
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:51
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:51
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:50
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:47
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:47
Posted 1 Apr 2017 20:46
Our summary video for the event is up!!
Posted 1 Apr 2017 00:01
The installation was up until the late evening. Over the course of the day it managed to entice and intrigue people off the street.
Posted 31 Mar 2017 15:43
We are done - our Situationist Installation! Well done to the Flaneur Team!
And thank you to our sponsor Stride Treglown.
Posted 31 Mar 2017 15:28
Yesterdays construction on site went great. We managed to pop-up the structure quickly and enjoy the view of our installation. It looked great with the graffiti art of the Thirsty Scholar.
Posted 31 Mar 2017 15:12
Merz Shed - Proposal B


This drawing explores Kurt Schwitters’ “Merz” in response to the Dada movement, whilst clearly communicating the building concept.

Alasdair Sheldon, Tahreem Amjad, Yousra Kandil
Posted 31 Mar 2017 14:34
Merz Shed - Proposal B

These drawings and models depict an art shed that will be a meeting point for artists and architects to come together to discuss their site analysis, artistic responses to the Merz Barn site, and share their ideas in a creative space.

We thought this space should be open plan, similar to the open studio spaces available at the Benzie building. However, given the Dada art theme that we explored throughout this project, we did not want to create a traditional and simple design. This led us to look at the interior interventions that Kurt Schwitters had planned for the Merz Barn, where he intended to create several awkward spaces, as seen in his sketches. This idea is what drove the rest of the design.

The walls that jut into the building are placed at awkward angles, creating obscure spaces for groups to gather and work inside the building. The walls extend outside the main building form, providing an opportunity for the building’s exterior to be used as an exhibition space. The interior walls create shading, and a space that, once furnished, will be suitable to use as a workspace, at all times of the year.

We have left some gaps in our proposal which we feel our clients should fill. We think an art shed should be personal to its user, so we have created a concept that our clients can mould to their will.

Alasdair Sheldon, Tahreem Amjad, Yousra Kandil
Posted 31 Mar 2017 14:32
Merz Shed - Proposal A


The installation as a form of anti-architecture is meant to be reminiscent of Schwitters’ idea of having awkwardly angled interior walls within the Merz Barn. Wire and cardboard creates a malleable sculpture, which is arbitrarily included within the design proposal as a Dadaist element. This random placement immitates the awkwardness of Schwitters’ interior installations, and defines the programme of the space.

Eleanor Strange, Ivan Georgiev, Mohamed Sakr, Naomi Cohen
Posted 31 Mar 2017 14:30