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The concept of the foldable panel display unit is designed as a single modular unit. Multiple unit can join together and form a larger display to showcase more posters at a time. Interactive elements can add to the display frame to perform different functions

1. Digital display screens can easily showcase multiple posters and can be replaced easily.

2. People can use AR in their smartphones to view the posters in an interactive way.

3. People can also use their smartphones to scan QR codes to read more information about the posters.

Embedded at the top and bottom of each unit are horizontal wires that support vertical wires. Attached to these are cable fittings, capable of holding in place the melinex sleeves housing the posters.These vertical wires move laterally to allow flexibility in the size of the posters they support.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 15:37
This concept is inspired by the purpose of posters. They are used to give information prior to the main event and so to maintain their use, the structure will be mainly placed at the entrance of the exhibition area and will incorporate seating, small nooks and a tunnel. Posters of all sizes will be displayed randomly in glass frames that can accommodate a variety of paper sizes. Our vision is take a 2D element and create a 3D environment to help and encourage the appreciation of posters.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 15:37
The Light Box Project one.

This concept stems from the wanting to challenge the idea of how a poster display should be displayed and to create interactivity between the exhibit and visitors. Posters are stored within case either vertically or horizontally. Visitors will be able to pull out cabinets to find more posters or information. Creating a modular box with varying sizes means that the design can cater for the different sizes of poster collection.

We designed 11 different modules that could be exhibited together or individually, this allows for different sized poster collections to be displayed at the same time.

Cabinets and posters at different heights will mean that both adults and children can enjoy the posters and get up close and personal with them.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 15:36
The Peoples History Museum contains a large collection of posters and collections which are in display over 2 different large spaces. A planned site visit to understand better how museum collections can also have interactive elements!

Posted 11 Feb 2019 18:53