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DAY 10

The final day marked the end of the 2 week events project. We were able to practice our presentations in the morning and also ensure the model was all ready to go. We presented to our collaborators from the Science and Industry Museum, Dominic Sager as well as Kevin from the St Anthonys centre in Trafford; a small heritage centre in trafford park! The presentations were a success and all collaborators were thoroughly impressed with the level of detail shown in the models, as well as the information provided to them. We aim to donate the exhibition piece to the St Anthonys Centre in June, where Kevin hopes to display it and invite local historians too view it too! Katie was impressed with the quality of work and has gone away with ideas for the museum! To conclude the project, we have worked towards our original brief of 'how can we tell a story through model making' with particular attention to Henry ford, his journey to Manchester and the much loved Model T!
Posted 6 Apr 2019 20:59

We were finally able to put all of our hard work together into a coherent exhibition piece. To the right we have the 1:50 model of the Piquette plant in detroit from 1905. In the middle we have displayed the timeline, documenting the history of Henry Ford and his journey to Manchester and ultimately this journey ends on the left with the Ford factory in Manchester (modelled from 1926!) (Manc Left, Troit Right!) The post cards correlate to key dates from the timeline and give the audience a more thorough insight into that particular date or event!
Posted 6 Apr 2019 20:52

The team was able to finish the massing model of the Henry Ford factory in Trafford Park today! This model was based off archival images and documents from 1926, at a time when the ford factory was a great success in the UK, the model shows the scale of the factory within its context, showing the magnitude of the ford during the time! This model will be used to explain the relevancy of Henry Ford within Manchester as well as its connections with the railway lines! (which helped the industry grow!)
Posted 2 Apr 2019 19:30

In the afternoon, the workshop team was able to finish both models. This model depicts the 1:50 replica of the Piquette plant in detroit from the 1920's, which we were able to model with a series of archival images and documents. The model is also sectional at the back, with the model T engraved, so observers can glimpse into the workings of this famous factory! Tomorrow both teams will work together to finalise the timeline, which will be displayed with the models and postcards!
Posted 2 Apr 2019 19:25

Yesterday afternoon, whilst walking through Trafford park, we were able to visit the St Anthonys Centre where we met Kevin! The centre provides information on the history of Trafford park and used to be a school. Kevin showed us alot of useful information about the histroy of Henry Ford, enriching our research into the journey of the factory to Manchester! This will help us greatly when it comes to producing our graphical research!

He is also very keen to join us for the presentations on the 5th and has the potential to become a future collaborator!
Posted 27 Mar 2019 12:05
After looking through archives, we were able to source a 3D sketch up model of the Piquette Plant in Detroit! This will help us create accurate plans and elevations of the building so that we can create a detailed and accurate model!
Posted 28 Feb 2019 10:23
After liaising with the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, we were sent some great resources of the Ford factory here in Manchester in 1923! (Pictured above) We aim to create a set of drawings to accompany the images which will help us model both factories in March!
Posted 28 Feb 2019 10:14
Throwback to our meeting with our collaborator Dom and the 'City of Ideas' events group last week! Working together, we will present toKatie Belshaw at the end of the two week events project. This meeting set out to organise our time together; we agreed on a joint introductory lecture with Dom and final presentation date with Katie on the 5th!
Posted 26 Feb 2019 14:41
Our collaborators at the museum of science and industry have sent us photos of a model of Trafford park! An excellent addition to our model making research. We will be able to use these in March to help build our models.
Posted 13 Feb 2019 10:59
Meet our collaborator! Katherine Belshaw is a curator at the science and industry museum and is keen to see what we can bring to the table. Her brief to us sets out to understand the relationship between the Henry Ford factory in Detroit and its connection to Manchester. After discussions with her, she is interested to understand how this industrial story could be told through model making, as well as gaining useful content for the upcoming exhibition. We will be presenting our findings to her in March!
Posted 6 Feb 2019 12:32
So who was Henry Ford and why is he relevant? Henry ford was the creator of ford cars, an industry which had a monumental impact on Detroit. In 1911, this success moved to Manchester. The Piquette plant in Detroit, pictured above, was the first plant to create the Model T Ford car. This car was later manufactured in Manchester’s Trafford Park, and an original sits in the Science and Industry Museum! We hope to visit this once the exhibition re-opens in March!
Posted 5 Feb 2019 21:45
Last week we were able to present to the 1st and 2nd year students explaining our project, outputs and purpose. We were excited to talk about the model making and presentation skills they would learn, as well as our exciting collaborator at the science and industry museum!
Posted 5 Feb 2019 21:40
Welcome to MancTroit! We are a group interested in the industrial connections between these two great cities; Manchester and Detroit. Focusing on the Henry ford museum and its link with Manchesters' own Trafford park, we will be exploring a variety of research methods, as well as hearing from key speakers, visiting site and of course, model making!
Posted 30 Jan 2019 12:46