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Foldable Display Frame

The concept of the foldable panel display unit is designed as a single modular unit. Multiple units can join together and form a larger display to showcase more posters at a time. Interactive elements can add to the display frame to perform different functions 1. Digital display screens can easily showcase multiple posters and can be replaced easily. 2. People can use AR in their smartphones to view the posters in an interactive way. 3. People can also use their smartphones to scan QR codes to read more information about the posters.
Posted 4 Apr 2019 18:53
The Tunnel Concept

This concept is inspired by the purpose of posters. They are used to give information prior to the main event and so to maintain their use, the structure will be mainly placed at the entrance of the exhibition area and will incorporate seating, small nooks and a tunnel. Posters of all sizes will be displayed randomly in glass frames that can accommodate a variety of paper sizes. Our vision is take a 2D element and create a 3D environment to help and encourage the appreciation of posters.
Posted 4 Apr 2019 18:53
The Light Box Concept

The modular lightbox cabinet design, which they are proposing a cabinet with lightbox integrated on to the surface to display posters. They suggested modular cabinets can come in height which creates this irregularity in a rectangular gridded space.
Posted 4 Apr 2019 18:52
Today we work for the whole day within our groups and finalised all the outputs for our three concepts and we are ready to present our hard work to the special collections tomorrow.
Posted 4 Apr 2019 18:51
We had an internal group review to wrap up the day. Each group shared what they have done for their concept. The co-ordinators also shared their knowledge on detail modelling. All the groups had a productive day and we look forward to see their final output.
Posted 1 Apr 2019 21:34
Each group worked on their detail drawings for their design. Different construction methods were explored for displaying the posters. When working on the details, we have to consider suitable constructions for museum grade materials. We will further explore museum exhibition construction methods in tomorrow's seminar with Zi.
Posted 1 Apr 2019 14:32
The co-ordinators presented the plan for the week ahead, with a focus on detailing and communication. Then the groups continue to work on finalising their concept and organising their drawing output for the week.
Posted 1 Apr 2019 12:22
And that's day 6! Today was focused on developing our concepts in more detail and started preparing for the final portfolio.
Posted 1 Apr 2019 12:19