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//The Exhibition

Now that Events week is over, the next move for the exhibition is to travel up to the garage in Brierfield. In-Situ are currently commissioning for a mobile hut to be built and as part of this project, they are hosting an exhibition weekend at their garage which invites the local residents in.
Our exhibition will also be on show which allows the public to view it and hopefully provokes ideas of their own, continuing and pushing thoughts on the concepts for the gasometer.
Posted 20 Apr 2019 14:00
Northlight // Day 5

After lunch, we had invited over one of the developers from Barnfield, one of the architects, and two part 1 architectural assistants who are working with Pendle Enterprise and Regeneration Ltd (PEARL) as part of the ongoing Northlight regeneration masterplan. This gave us a chance to learn about the current stage of the development and to be talked through their vision for the future of the whole site.

Once we talked through all of their drawings and understood the scheme in more detail, the BA students presented the early concepts for each of the proposals; Macro, Meso and Micro. Through engaging round table conversations, we received valuable feedback:

Macro – They were really interested in the ambition of the plug-in modular proposal and the concept of the scheme as a living organism which adapts to the changing needs of Brierfield.

Meso – This proposal, they believed, responded very well to the consultation as arts spaces were lacking in the area and the versatility of it allows it to be inclusive for everyone. With the form being a low-level construction, the architect admired how the existing structure of the gasometer was still dominant and uninterrupted.

Micro – The landmark structure/walk really incorporated the history of the site and Brierfield in and they suggested the history should be interpreted through the material selection. Whether they can use elements of stone to represent the mining history or tensile structures can be used as a reflection of textiles produced in the cotton mills.
Posted 1 Apr 2019 12:27
Northlight // Day 4

Today we visited Brierfield for our first site visit as a group. We arrived by bus from Manchester this morning and were greeted by Paul, the guys from In:Situ and a group of art students from Nelson and Colne college.
We began with a great talk by Paul giving everyone some in depth background on the work In:Situ do with artists from all around the globe. After the presentation and a visit to the have a close up look at the gas tower, we gathered in the garages collaborative space to work together with the college students to begin working up ideas, sketches and mind mapping.Our session today has been a good opportunity to see what the students and locals thought of our ideas. The concept of an adaptable theatre space, food stalls and a way to make use of the amazing views that open up from the top of the gas tower received good feedback
Posted 31 Mar 2019 19:15
For the last 200 years England has been using gas to warm its homes, in this time these distinctive gas towers have become a familiar sight.

However since the 1990’s these industrial giants are now obsolete. The National Grid are now proposing to allow the land the towers are situated on to be redeveloped, hoping to give back to the communities that surround them. Some redeveloped gas holders in England have gone on to host events, become sports grounds and even become high end luxury apartments.
Posted 14 Feb 2019 13:40
Just a brief introduction from us in Group X.
Posted 29 Jan 2019 20:39
Hi everyone, we are Group X.

Situated in Brierfield, Pendle stands the redundant, disused Gas Tower. Can you help transform this forgotten landmark into a space which can engage with the local community?

Northlight will involve collaboration with the non-profit art organisation IN-SITU, workshops, model making and community discussions; to formulate a range of ideas which can inspire future development of the site.
Posted 22 Jan 2019 11:45