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Introducing 'The Urban Greening', our project looks at creating interesting spaces and connectivity using landscaping designs. Working with Bruntwood, Manchester-based large scale property owners, and InLeaf, biophilic design specialist we are planning to introduce an adaptable urban greening system, that engages with the everyday user of the business focused city centre. Keep updated with our progress // Download Poster

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07 // The Urban Greening // The Collaborators

Meet our collaborators - Bruntwood and Inleaf!

Bruntwood are a leading property company, that are keen to diversely research and collaborate with a range of organisations to re-image the urban landscape in the city. We will be working together to implement the concept of urban greening within their buildings, specifically Alberton House, with the aim of connecting spaces that engage with the everyday users of the business focused city centre.
Learn more about them at

InLeaf are a Manchester based company that specialise in living walls and biophilic design. They will be coming in to teach us about the benefits of office plants and living walls in the workplace and how best to implement these interventions.
Learn more about them at
Posted 13 Feb 2019 10:43
06 // The Urban Greening // Main Events

This two main appointments in our event could define the success of our proposals. Join us between March 25th and April 5th.
Posted 11 Feb 2019 18:29
05 // The Urban Greening // Project Introduction

On Tuesday 29th of January, Sarah presented to the 1st and 2nd year MSA students about our exciting event. Keen to see their response, and looking forward to starting in Spring.

Posted 5 Feb 2019 14:29
04 // The Urban Greening // The Project

Using our background as both designers and city dwellers, we will create a proposal which can be implemented citywide, beginning with the exterior landscape of the Alberton House. The design will emphasise the significance of garden landscapes within Manchester’s city fabric.

Using Alberton House as a case study, the objective is to improve its facade and landscape design by implementing a modular greening system.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 14:13
03 // The Urban Greening // Site

The project this year will take place at the Alberton House which sits on the banks of the Irwell at the edge of the Spinningfields district. This allows for great views in a central and accessible location within Manchester. The site consists of two primary facades which face St Mary's Parsonage, built into two perpendicular volumes.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 14:10
02 // The Urban Greening // Design Team Meeting

All collaborators and dates confirmed, working together to finalise the weekly session plan ready for the events to begin in spring. In the meantime feel free to have a look at our poster and project outline, which is already uploaded on the blog.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 14:00
01 // The Urban Greening // The Team

Introducing The Urban Greening coordinators.
Do not hesitate on contacting us if you are interested in our event or want to know more about our approach.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 13:57