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Exploring possibilities of a self-sustainable structure for a primary school. St Mary’s RC Primary School in Levenshulme has been very keen to improve their grounds with different features that help the active learning of their students. This year, they would like to explore the idea and possibilities of building a self-sustainable structure for their grounds. You will be designing, a creative solution for this project. The school would be keen to bid for money to have a structure realised on the basis of your designs in the future. // Download Poster

Laurence R // David W // Eleanor M // Jorge R // Edward S // Erin E

As the Events week approaches, Group A have drawn out the first week's session plan that the undergraduate students will participate in alongside their MArch colleagues.

The second week consists of turning all of the analysis, research, consultation and presentations completed in the first week into the outputs required by the brief. This means hitting the ground running on Monday when the students get into the workshop to complete the two different types of models we will be creating; one site and one structure model.

The week progresses with architectural drawings, diagrams and visualizations being created that will make up the design document that will be handed over to the client to inform their construction.

The week finishes with a presentation to the Saint Mary's school students who will have participated in the design process on what the group have produced and finally the official handing over of the finished outputs.
Posted 11 Feb 2019 17:47
For the outputs of our events project we will be developing two different scale models, one to show site context and a second exploring construction in more detail.
Alongside this we will produce a series of scale drawings, sketches and analysis work to present to the school , in order for them to potentially build the structure. This work will help undergraduate students develop their portfolio skills and refine their working style.
Providing valuable experience working with a live client.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 22:32
For our events project we will be investigating sustainable means of building. To explore this further, we took a visit to Hulme Community Garden Centre (HCGC), where Elly, one of our team members, is volunteering as part of her dissertation research. HCGC places high value on organic principles and promoting sustainability, as well as civic engagement and voluntary activity.
Hulme Community Garden Centre not only boasts a garden centre, shop and café, but educational facilities and open gardens interlaced with nature trails too. As part of their educational facilities, they have recently built a strawbale classroom. Strawbale construction is a sustainable building method that uses bales of straw as building insulation and sometimes as structural elements too. In the case of HCGC, they have used the straw as insulation for their classroom. The renewable nature of straw, as well as the high insulation and natural fire-retardant qualities it possesses make it a great sustainable choice for construction.
Perhaps this is one sustainable construction method we can explore in greater depth during our events week! We highly recommend taking a visit to Hulme Community Garden Centre, make sure you look around the strawbale classroom!
Posted 6 Feb 2019 18:44
Introducing Elly

Newest recruit to 'Events A'
Elly joins us from PRAXXIS, bringing a new dynamic and viewpoint to the group.
Elly's Dissertation focuses on Urban Agriculture and the utilisation of existing urban fabric for food production and sustainability.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 12:20
As the Events week approaches, Group A have drawn out the first week's session plan that the undergraduate students will participate in alongside their MArch colleagues.

This first week is focused around analysis, concept design and end user participation, as the students undertake survey's and client presentations, draft sketching and model making and perhaps most importantly, group research and discussion. This plan builds the platform from which the brief's outputs will be achieved in the second and final week.
Posted 4 Feb 2019 11:22
On Tuesday, Laurence presented the Group’s brief and strategy for their events project to the 1st and 2nd year Architecture undergraduates. He spoke about the great opportunities for the undergraduates to improve on their sketching, model making, digital drawing and 3D visualisation skills as well as giving experience in presenting and communication. He also put forward the exciting opportunity that the brief presents to educate about the pressing topic of climate change, as well as to be a part of the design of the construction of a live project. The final outputs for the project will be a site model presented to the school along with a design document and a building model that will be presented at the exhibition.
Posted 31 Jan 2019 15:56
St. Mary’s in the southeast of Manchester is a Roman Catholic Primary school accommodating for ages 5-11. The site is mainly single-storey teaching accommodation with one block of two-storey which sits up against the main road, shielding the various play areas from noise. Outdoor spaces are divided up into many sections, giving the children and the teachers the ability to learn and teach in several ways about many different things, including forestry. The specific site sits within these learning spaces and will require of the project the same intrigue and fun that the others maintain.
Posted 17 Jan 2019 18:04
Meet the Team Monday!

Introducing our Events A Co-Ordinators:

Erin Edmondson
BSc - Architecture & Environmental Design
Sheffield Hallam University

Laurence Richards
BA - Architecture & Planning
University of West England

David Wilkinson
BSc - Architecture & Environmental Design
Sheffield Hallam University

Edward Sykes
BSc - Architecture & Environmental Design
Sheffield Hallam University

Jorge Reynolds
BA - Architecture
University of Plymouth

Looking forward to getting started.
Posted 14 Jan 2019 10:23
Group A - Events 2019.
Final Poster for collaboration with St. Marys Primary School
Posted 9 Jan 2019 16:01
On the 12th November 2018 we met with Mr John Usher, Deputy Headmaster, at St Mary’s RC Primary school, Levenshulme. John and the group discussed existing facilities the school has, overarching aspirations for the school and finally the specific goals we are aiming for as part of the Events project. The conclusion was to design a sustainable outdoor space to educate the pupils of the importance of sustainable living in modern society.
Posted 9 Jan 2019 11:40