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Today the students focused on their future proposals for the hall. They have proposed a sculpture park for the site that can exhibition art works related to the history of Clayton Hall.

They worked on prototypes for the sculptures they envisage on the site. Including representations of famous names like Lord Byron, Humphrey Chetham (the copper sculpture holding the violin to represent his music school) and sculptures that represent the families and school children that often visit there. Amongst these there will could be icon such as the bell from the tower in Clayton Hall. All very interesting ideas from the students and has been great to see develop!
Posted 2 Apr 2019 20:59

The Clayton Hall facades were finished today after being drawn on very carefully and the laser cut leaded windows were glued in place, all ready to be assembled to the main building blocks! An exciting progression and almost at the finishing line for our modelling team!
Posted 2 Apr 2019 20:46

Looking through the archives and surveying!
The masters students helped the first and second years determine which structures were existing and which were contemporary additions.

Speaking with the volunteers they helped uncover the history of the hall, from the days of Lord Bryon and Humphrey Chetham (the founder of Chetham's Music School, who bought Clayton Hall from the Byrons) right up until the 20th century where families had lived in the hall until 2009.
In 2009, the brick, 17th century side of the hall was opened to the public as a living history museum and run by volunteers. A family lived in the timber framed side up until a few years ago. Lynn was a fountain of knowledge and the students all benefited from her showing us around.
The students carried out surveys to establish the age of fabric, capacity of change and historical significance of the building for their diagrams in the study. Lots of information to take in, and all very valuable!
Posted 2 Apr 2019 14:48

Another trip to Clayton Hall! Today the feasibility team tackling the history of Clayton Hall had another visit to see the archives the volunteers had built over the years.

We found lots of archive photographs and newspaper clippings outlining the previous occupants of the hall, lots of old pictures showing how the hall has changed over the years and why. This information will be invaluable to the first and second years when putting together for their feasibility study.
Posted 2 Apr 2019 14:22
Beautiful day for our site visit to Clayton Hall!
Team photo after our tour around the grounds and house. It was a great opportunity to learn about the history and everyday life of the hall. With informative insights from Lyn and the volunteers there on the building and what they would like to see from our final model. After this photo, the team split into groups to plan and prepare how they were going to make the model and create the feasibility study.
Posted 25 Mar 2019 19:35