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In-Situ have worked on a wide range of projects, teaming up with collaborators and commissioning artists and designers across the UK. They have also worked with students of MSA in previous years Events programmes to create a pop-up cinema and to design the Garage itself.

They are currently working on a new project to create a travelling mobile hut that will tour Pendle from 2019 – 2022 and have commissioned Nick Wood (How About Studio) who worked on The Miners Legend, a small cabin built for Wales which was a Semi-finalist on Channel 4’s “Cabins in the Wild” and shortlisted for AJ Small Projects 2018.

Check out the rest of their current and past projects here:
Posted 14 Feb 2019 12:54
The Garage is an exciting new development for In-Situ and is where we will be running our design workshops, meeting with the community and presenting concepts when we visit Brierfield.

The redeveloped, eco-friendly building features an art library, exhibition space, a community garden, events space including a pop up cinema, and artists accommodation, creating a permanent and innovative arts space.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 19:27