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A comprehensive knowledge of design software is vital in the architectural profession. During the event the year 5 organisers will be able to assist the students with sharpening their software skills.
Software such as AutoCAD, Sketch-up, Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design and Premiere Pro will be used to create our proposals.
Posted 6 Feb 2019 12:14
A vital part of design is expressing ideas to a client in a physical 3-Dimensional way. Modelmaking can be a vital tool in the design process and should be used in any project. Early in week 1 of Events 19 we will make an existing exhibition quality 1:100 site model of the gas tower and surrounding area. In week 2 will then be focused on model making with the student's proposals. The final models will be exhibited for our collaborators, students of MSA and the public in the Benzie building at the Manchester School of Art.
Posted 6 Feb 2019 11:58
A vital part of being an Architect is communication, especially verbally. Sometimes we have to change our communication approach to reach out to different audiences so that all can equally understand. The most successful projects are those that answer the needs of the user and respect the surrounding community. During the events week, students will gain confidence in speaking publicly and listening to the community’s feedback. They will then act as a representative for the community within the design process, applying their ideas into the built form. This is a priceless skill that will make students stand out from others when approaching and working within an architectural practice.
Posted 6 Feb 2019 11:53
Presentation skills are a vital aspect of architectural practice and is the fundamental technique of expressing your design ideas to a client, this is a crucial stage in the inception of any project.
Throughout the 2 weeks, the students will have the chance to practice and refine their presentation skills to a wide array of audiences. We will hold several informal interim proposal presentations with the rest of Group X in which the students will receive feedback on their ability to convey the ideas. They will be given the opportunity to use these skills during our final exhibition in which the collaborator, the development team and the local community will be intrigued to learn about their proposals.
Posted 6 Feb 2019 11:52
Who are in-situ?
In-Situ is a non-profit arts organisation based in Brierfield, Pendle. Set up in 2011 by Paul Hartley, Kerry Morrison and William Titley who were inspired by a desire to help bring art into the colourful existing cultures in Pendle, Lancashire. Through a range of art processes, their vision is to be part of everyday life and for their art to be an art of action. 
We are looking forward to collaborating and producing some really cool ideas which one day could be part of Pendle permanently.
Posted 21 Jan 2019 21:29