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Karolina D


Having completed the final output, in the afternoon MANC|TROIT team practiced the final presentation to our collaborator, The Science + Industry Museum. We have defined the key themes for the presentation and assigned responsibilities to insure that all students are involved in the presentation. The presentation includes the topics: research question response, socio-historical content of Henry Ford and exhibition display explanation. We have practiced the presentation and discussed the content as a group.
Posted 4 Apr 2019 18:13

This afternoon the MANC|TROIT students are analysing the production of Model T Ford through study of the assembly line process. We have recreated the different stages of production of Model T based on photographs of the manufacturing process. We edited our sketches and drawings with Abode illustrator and Photoshop and combined into a drawing, graphics that will become our timeline in the model display,
Posted 2 Apr 2019 15:19

Meanwhile in B.15, the rest of the team is finishing 1:50 model of Piquette Factory in Detroit. The factory in Detroit is constructed from red brick, similar to the architecture of industrial Manchester. As we aimed to represent the color scheme of Ford Model T through our models we used black card as a primary material. The facade elements such as: brick detailing, window sills and window mullions have been laser cut. All the details have been based on the archive photographs and documents. We have recreated facade layers through layering the materials. The layers put an emphasis on the depth of facade ornamentation and the brick structure. The elements have been put together with PVA glue
Posted 1 Apr 2019 15:28

We started the week with InDesign workshop. Caterina has demonstrated key features of the software as all the students followed the instructions. We have learnt how to organise our document and how to use the software efficiently. We are using our new Indesign skills to design postcards that complete our model by providing the socio-political context. Collectively we have designed a template for our postcards to ensure that all postcards are consistent in layout and graphics. The postcards will be placed on the timeline that forms the base of the model.

In the afternoon, all students started the work on individual postcards that explain socio-historical context of the production of Model T in Ford factory in Manchester. The themes on the postcards include:

How and where did the production of Model T start?
Why did Henry Ford bring the production of Model T to Manchester?
How did the Ford factory impact the local community in Trafford Park?
When did Henry Ford visit the Trafford Park factory?
What is the industrial background of Detroit?
Posted 1 Apr 2019 15:03

A very productive morning in the MANC_TROIT group. The research revealed a lot of insight into the journey of Henry Ford to Manchester. The leading research question of today was: Why did Henry Ford choose to locate his first European factory in Manchester? The key findings of today that are shaping our research are:

+Location of Manchester 40 km from the sea, and their connection via ship canal
+ Advantages of Trafford park as a purpose built industrial estate
+ Henry Ford collaborators in the UK

We will be studying those points in depth within the forthcoming days.
Posted 27 Mar 2019 15:39

Today we spent the morning doing further research on the industries of Manchester and Detroit. All the students were split into two groups with a different research focus. The research undertaken was based on the books and online resources including Henry Ford museum and Science+Industry museum database. At the end of the day we have made a group brainstorm to share all information. Having all the information In the forthcoming days we will be focusing on defining the content of the postcards and graphical representation of these ideas, as well as producing the models.
Posted 27 Mar 2019 15:26

Today we are at Science + Industry Museum to understand our collaborator's expectation of quality of the exhibition model we are going to produce. We are studying the existing exhibition models through analytical sketches, looking into materials and information representation. This visit gives us understanding of the industrial background of Manchester and how industry influenced the city and the world. Based on the findings we will develop our research strategy.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 11:36

Insight into MANC|TROIT introduction presentation MArch students gave to BA students. We have learnt about the background of two industrial cities: Manchester and Detroit. Detroit rapid industrial development in early 20th century was boosted by automobiles production, as Manchester focused on production of Cotton which originated in 18th century as a result of steam engine mills invention. We are particularly interested in connection of the two cities in 20th century, when in 1910 Henry Ford brought production of T-Model from Detroit to Manchester. T-model was revolutionary, as it was first assembly line production which speeded up the manufacturing process! For next two weeks we will be modelling where this production took place, the factories and their context.
Posted 25 Mar 2019 12:11