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Today, we went to the site for assembling all the components of the planters and painted in some for the wall racks. Add more color for the residents.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 18:13

Even though we would not be able to build everything within a limited period, it is still important to consider the site as a whole. As an architect, we therefore proposed a masterplan to address diverse uses and purposes according to the existing conditions and the residents’ needs.

Basically, there are 4 zones in terms of Sports, Art+Performance+BBQ, Organic garden+Meditative space, and Greenhouse. Those programs would provide a diverse atmosphere, which is from active to meditative, from group to individual.
Posted 29 Mar 2019 15:54

On the upcoming Monday, we will make a pitch to the Victoria House about our current design and prototypes of addressing the various joints. In addition, the mural painting will be carried out in the meanwhile. Therefore, some colorful paints have been purchased with our funding, and they have been dropped in Victoria House.
Posted 29 Mar 2019 10:48

To translate the methodology into a physical model helped us to understand the feasibility of each joint, which needed to consider the accuracy and the implementation within a limited time.

There were 6 trial types of joint, and we eventually chose number 1, number 2, and number 3, the further combinations of the prototype would be based on these three.

To be continued…
Posted 27 Mar 2019 14:46

A morning training of Rhino was a combination of learning new software and building site topography in 3D, even it was just an introduction but it indeed helped the BA students to illustrate the project in scale.

In the afternoon, the task has been divided into 2 directions, one was to go to the workshop for cutting the available timbers, and the remaining one was to carry out the big idea and design for Master planning and details.

The design workshop was divided into 2 groups, it was interesting to see everyone being willing to contribute his idea for shaping our design as a whole. To compile those ideas and to help BA students understand how to implement a practical project need certain guidance from MA students. Eventually, we had a productive afternoon and continued to translate those drawings into CAD for a more precise outcome.
Posted 26 Mar 2019 16:10

A sunny Monday to start the event!

After the kick-off meeting in the morning about the purpose and target of our event, MA and BA students continued the site survey in the afternoon, which was the first time for BA students to see the site.

To be efficient, we have divided into 5 groups for carrying out specific survey tasks in terms of site topography, sunlight, availability for intervention, the interaction between residents and garden, and current species of the plantation.

In addition, some further thinking exercise were allocated to each individual throughout the site visiting.
-What are the best areas for human interaction, and what are they?
-How could the planter layout enhance this current garden?
-What sizes of planters is suitable?
-What other installation can we propose to elevate the use of space?
Posted 25 Mar 2019 17:28

Art + Garden + Life is project that focusses on both delivering an architectural intervention and an interactive event that addresses integration techniques for the needs and rehabilitation of homeless or rough sleepers of Manchester residing in the Sanctuary Supported Living program at Victoria House. The project emphasises encouraging residents into the garden, taking part in the design and assembly of a planter for gardening use and artistic mural painting. As a result, the delivery proposes an outcome for future activity and a personalised space. Our knowledge of architecture not only provides us with the capability of designing, detailing and producing a physical element but to act as a social component for a wide range of interactions: an interaction with people to an interaction amongst disciplines.
Posted 8 Jan 2019 21:16

Group AI can now announce we will be working alongside Sanctuary Supported Living at Victoria House who provide short-term housing for homeless individuals and rough sleepers in Manchester.

Together, our team has made a site visit in order to collect further information from the collaborators and residents whilst collectively walking around their garden area. From the visit, we were impressed with the current effort staff and residents have put in for developing parts of their existing garden, implementing activities that encourage getting involved with building/ designing interventions for their own personal space and bringing them into the garden. With regards to this, both the staff and residents made evident that these interactive projects are very beneficial and enjoyable.

From our view, Victoria House has great potential to continue growing this incentive and implementing it throughout their large garden space. As a result, we discussed with the staff, that it would be essential to assist in continuing this successful method of improving residents experience. Consequently, we collectively agreed adaptable planters and mural painting to cover existing unwanted imagery would be a valuable addition.
Posted 7 Jan 2019 15:55