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Day 6 Collage manifesto

"I have recreated the landscape surrounding the Merz Barn near Elterwater in the Lake District. My collage represents the ephemeral nature of the countryside which is constantly being challenged
by issues such as subsidised farming where there are too many sheep for the land to recover, and tourist dependancy which is spoiling rural communities through families buying second ‘holiday’ homes which they do not occupy for the majority of the year. The collage consists entirely of
found and repurposed materials both from Manchester and the site of the Merz Barn itself. " - Rachel Amy Price
Posted 2 Apr 2019 10:53
Day 6 Collage manifesto

"This work represents the contrast between urban (left) and rural (right). While the urban forms a well connected network, the rural is characterised by enclosed fields in separate ownerships. The rural was once ‘urban’ in the 1990s, with industries such as mining and gun powder manufacturing. Many modernist ideas began with the experimentations and artworks generated in the rural. These values were overlooked as attention was continuously shifting to the city. The metal strip symbolizes the re-connection to the rural, and the rings at the two ends reminds us that innovations happened both in the urban and rural." - Jonathan Ngan
Posted 2 Apr 2019 10:45
Revised Session Plan

We have updated our event weeks activities - we are going to make a film! We will be shooting scenes in the Lake District and learning film editing skills. The film will take inspiration from Dadaism and discuss rural issues. It will be displayed at the end of the year exhibition.
Posted 14 Feb 2019 18:23
Conceptual Stage

‘The fact that more than 50 percent of the world’s population now lives in cities has become an excuse to ignore the country side,’ said Rem Koolhaas. Are the diminishing villages deemed to make way for luxury resorts and tourist facilities? As we look into the Lake District and Dada movement, we will search for new meanings and values of the rural.
Posted 9 Jan 2019 16:12