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Henri Lefebvre in his book Writings on Cities argued that rural areas have become a source of extracting natural resources by embedding the rural into metabolism in order to support urban metropolitan structure.

“Nature enters into exchange value and commodities, to be bought and sold. This ‘naturality’ which is counterfeited and traded in, is destroyed by commercialized, industrialized and institutionally organized leisure pursuits.” (Lefebvre, 1996:158)
Posted 4 Apr 2019 15:35
Day 6 - Collage manifesto

"My artwork presents how rural areas are in kind of crisis because of human interventions. The reality of growing cities, with a huge increase in the number of buildings, makes us think about the future of rural areas and how that will reflect on our life. Despite our attempts to maintain rural areas, our impact is still really obvious. I tried through this work to bring attention to how important is to have a clear strategy for the future of our nature. I used some images of the Lake District and some natural material which were collected from that area to show some materials that we may miss them in our lives in the future if the cities continue to grow in the same way." - Saad Sharifeh
Posted 2 Apr 2019 10:58