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PLANTER OPTION BY Stella Allamenou

Planter design proposition that consists of 3 types of joints, to ensure the stability of the planters.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 10:42

Square Booklet t+ Time Lapse + Physical Model
1. Master Plan
2. Modular Design: Workshop and In-site construction
3. Mural
4. Street Poem

Posted 3 Apr 2019 11:04

preparation for next Monday presentation for Victoria House

Based on Tuesday's group proposals, the ideas were drawn on AutoCad on accurate dimension and position.
Along the drawing process, Master students work with BA students, and the skills of AutoCad and anthropology dimension consideration were taught.
The initial idea was rationalized during this stage. Good progress.
Posted 27 Mar 2019 21:08

The site survey session consists of three parts:
1. Meeting with residents. To understand the current site condition and residents' expectation for future garden plan; create the connection between students and residents.
2. Small group survey was led by Master students. The individual guidance was given.
3. Sit around at the garden to share everyone's ideas. Master students shared their methodology and reflection of site surveys. BA students were courage to express their idea for garden design.
Posted 25 Mar 2019 18:03

Group AI would like to announce that the artist Joseph O'Rourke will collaborate with us and the residents of Victoria House to create the mural. Joseph is an excellent young artist based at Bankley Studios in Manchester. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2017, he has been part of many exhibitions, including his most recent in the John Moores Painting Prize 2018.

Joseph was interested in this project is because he enjoys developing art into avenues of painting that exist outside of a traditional gallery setting. He describes his artistic style as “looking at the world around me, I paint the things that surround me, things I overhear, see on TV, the things I think about. Anything from life can filter into the work I make.” As a result, he, as well as Group AI hope to provide this opportunity to people who may have not experienced the pleasure of painting, expressing some of the things they think about, so the mural reflects their own interests and outlets.
Posted 23 Feb 2019 18:41

Team Ai members come from different ateliers and approach this project in multiple disciplinaries.
Frixos Petrou (&Architetcure)
Jun Shi (CPU)
Verity Roweth (LULU)
Tamara Keoshgerian (LULU)
Natasha (Keqin He) (CIA)
Nick Bowker (CIA)
Posted 14 Feb 2019 22:03