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After a really engaging two weeks, the educational sub group have completed their final design. As you can see from the visual representation, we have designed a moveable and foldable installation which engages people with the slides in an educational way.

The way in which it does this is with 4 different uses; the four uses are situated within an installation that is a foldable and moveable object in order for it to be placed in any location.

The first use is the light box towers, which through a clever mechanism attach sheets of the design slides onto the outside of a Lightbox in order for people to see them. We have then designed a magnifying device frame that allows the user to zoom into the detail of the individual slides.

The second use is actual storage of the slides itself; we have designed a storage tower in which the slides will be categorised in order of their genre so people can scroll throw the slides to find their specific choices.

Once they have their chosen slides the aim is for them to take them to use one or two devices, either the Lightbox desk or the projector. The Lightbox desk allows users to sit down, place the slides on a Lightbox table and then use a moveable magnifying device to closely examine the slides. The projector allows the users to blow up the size of the images of the slides so people can see them clearly.
Posted 5 Apr 2019 12:33
Earlier in the week, the 4 different groups working on projects with the special collections team arranged for us all to meet again on Friday with our collaborators in order to present our work at a half way point in order to get feedback from both our collaborators and peers. We as a group created a 15-page portfolio explaining our design ideas and concepts and we then planned our verbal presentation the day before, allowing all members of the group to speak about specific elements of our project. The feedback we received was very positive, overall, they were very impressed with our presentation and the detail in which we had progressed with our ideas. We were asked to consider spatially how our designs would work together in the special collections room. We were also told to take into consideration the scale of the slides and the usability of them when they are still in their original, small form.
Posted 1 Apr 2019 11:06
After showing group I the special collections slide library we then went back to studio where were split into small groups and began a discussion about initial ideas of the project. We focused on 4 key concepts: immersive experience, education, interaction and movability. From this we came up with numerous different design ideas ranging from photo slides dangling from the ceiling to interactive walls where you rate the images of the slides from cool to not cool. We then presented our ideas to the whole of the team and selected some of the ideas that we wanted to focus on and explore further tomorrow.
Posted 25 Mar 2019 17:43
The Lantern House. This display utilises the photo slides in way that they actually form a physical structure. The house like form is created by combining numerous photo slides together within two pieces of thin clear Perspex. The slides are then illuminated by a single source of light within the center of the house to enable users to see the small details in all the slides. This exhibition does limit the user’s ability to create their own collection of slides which would be something we need to consider for our design.
Posted 25 Feb 2019 11:11
The special collections acquired the photo slide collection in their entirety and have stored them in the special collections vault for some time. In total there are close to 25,000 slides all holding a different image related to design. Originally the slides were used in lectures and presentations, before newer technology was invented, in order to visualise what people were talking about. The slides were used as a tool to distinguish good design from bad design with many of the images showcasing obviously 'ugly' design. Currently the slides are unused so it’s important for us and for our collaborator to really showcase the wealth of knowledge hidden away in the photo slides.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 15:31
We had our first group collaborator meeting with Janneke and Jeremy in the special collections research room. We arranged this meeting in order to discuss with the collaborators our initial ideas regarding the final outcome of the project. We also discussed how we aim to run the 2-week project by showing our session plan and our initial risk assessment. Our initial idea mood board was heavily discussed and overall our initial ideas were well received, ranging from a simple lightbox to a 3-D interactive light cube. Janneke and Jeremy were able to help us further by providing feedback on the specific end deliverables of the project which we now have a greater understanding of.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 15:19