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The special collections acquired the photo slide collection in their entirety and have stored them in the special collections vault for some time. In total there are close to 25,000 slides all holding a different image related to design. Originally the slides were used in lectures and presentations, before newer technology was invented, in order to visualise what people were talking about. The slides were used as a tool to distinguish good design from bad design with many of the images showcasing obviously 'ugly' design. Currently the slides are unused so it’s important for us and for our collaborator to really showcase the wealth of knowledge hidden away in the photo slides.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 15:31
We had our first group collaborator meeting with Janneke and Jeremy in the special collections research room. We arranged this meeting in order to discuss with the collaborators our initial ideas regarding the final outcome of the project. We also discussed how we aim to run the 2-week project by showing our session plan and our initial risk assessment. Our initial idea mood board was heavily discussed and overall our initial ideas were well received, ranging from a simple lightbox to a 3-D interactive light cube. Janneke and Jeremy were able to help us further by providing feedback on the specific end deliverables of the project which we now have a greater understanding of.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 15:19