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Prototype Model Making Test

We have spoken to Jim and Scott from B.15 workshop about the appropriate model making method for our Kitchen Link Bridge Project. In order to achieve a high quality 3D model in the next two weeks, we have chosen to use laser cut as the main method.

To test the method, we have chosen a small part from a historical building as a sample to test the model making process and result. By stating the appropriate materials and separate the details in layers, which will be part of the preparation for laser cut.

The prepared CAD drawings are in layers and will be used for further discussion with Jim and Scott for a 1:50 sample test
Posted 19 Mar 2019 22:51
Location of site
We will be visiting Manchester Town Hall to do site research including measuring and photography for model making on 25th March. The new proposal will be designed in Kitchen Link Bridge by Purcell. Our responsibility is making the model of the proposal. We will measure some important dimensions and take some photos in order to record the details like decorations.
Posted 21 Feb 2019 19:35