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TRAFFORD PARK is located in the southern side of Manchester, opposite Salford Quays. It was the first planned industrial estate in the world and still remains the biggest one in Europe. Our team will be visiting Trafford Park on the 2nd day of Events and then model it in the following days!
FORD PIQUETTE AVENUE PLANT in the northern centre of Detroit. It is the birthplace of the Ford Model T car and was the Ford Motor Company`s first purpose-built factory. Today it operates as a historic museum. We will be modelling the Piquette Plant as a part of our output!
Posted 14 Feb 2019 09:04
Our team will be developing a range of techniques, not only software and manual but also soft skills.
We will hold a Photoshop session where we will introduce our younger colleagues to this irreplaceable program. We will then use it to edit the photos of our models and to illustrate our research.
Alongside Photoshop workshop we planned to give the students an insight into the tool that will be of utmost importance in their further studies. The knowledge gained during the session will be used to prepare postcards describing our models.
Model making is one of the most important skills for architects, to be comfortable with it is crucial. It helps both to translate one`s ideas into a 3D form and also verify the decisions. Students, divided into two groups will be making models of the piquette plants in Detroit and Trafford Park in Manchester. We plan on using white cardboard in appreciation of the elegance and simplicity of the material.
Knowing how to present your work is a skill every architecture student should obtain. We will improve this technique by presenting our work twice to our collaborators during the Events 2019, first to the curator at the Science and Industry Museum, Katherine Belshaw and second time to MSA lecturer, Dominic Sagar.
Every architecture student deals with research at one point of their studies and then later in their practice. We will introduce our students to various types of research. We plan on putting together archive documents documenting the journey of Henry Ford from Detroit to Manchester. The obtained materials will be crucial for the model making process. We will also research into the role of models in exhibitions.
Posted 9 Feb 2019 17:51
Meet our collaborator! Dominic Sagar is a full time lecturer at MSA and a founding partner in Sagar Stevenson Architects, a practice actively involved in setting up the ‘Northern Quarter Association’ which was a key figure in regeneration of that area.
Dominic is interested in the connections between Manchester and Detroit and so he will give us a lecture on the topic on the first day. We will be presenting our research to him on last Friday of the Events 2019.
Posted 7 Feb 2019 09:13
Today we met with our collaborator – the Curator of Industrial Heritage from the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester who was interested in our ideas for the output and pleased with the approach we have taken. The Museum is curating an exhibition about industrial heritage of Manchester. During the Events 2019 our team will be visiting the museum as a part of exploring the role of models in exhibitions. We had an in depth discussion about our final outputs and have decided on two models of the piquette plants in Detroit and Trafford Park in Manchester to explore the journey of Henry Ford from America to Manchester.
Posted 5 Feb 2019 18:16